Yay, it’s Yellow Day! How to do a Themed color day for under $20…I spent $15!!!

Hey everyone! It’s been too long!!! Sometimes after a long time apart it’s good to get together for a themed party to reconnect! I thought today I would share with you this year’s color day! When I shared last year so many of you were interested and excited to go for this idea! Let me explain our definition of a color day before we begin.

A couple of summers ago, we started making a bucket list of things the kids wanted to do and color day came up. Basically you choose a color and do as much as you can in that color all day! We’ve done red, purple and green so far. This year the kids decided on yellow. I have never had the challenge of creating a themed day during a pandemic but I was still up for the challenge of trying to do this for the kids and two of their friends and in a budget friendly way.

First and this is important-don’t stress!! This doesn’t have to be a complicated and time consuming thing! It never takes me more than 30 minutes to set this up! We start with the basics-what you have and what you need.

First have the kids run around for 15 minutes and find things that are your color around your house. It can be toys, movies, clothes, pool stuff, food..whatever. Make it fun but set a timer! I set a timer (when it’s done so are you kiddos) and they ran around finding toys and leftover decorations from previous parties, picking movies and outfits. My daughter and I then went to our local Dollar store. I could go on and on about how much I love the dollar store-I could practically write this whole article about it but let’s get to the party shall we.

My budget at the dollar store was $15 or less and we stuck to it. I kind of let my daughter take the lead on what she wanted to add to the party and I was very surprised by some of her choices. Yes, we went masked up and were in and out of the store in 10 minutes. This girl knows what she wants, I wonder where she gets that from????

I spent nothing on food FYI-we just creative using food we already had!

So here’s the breakdown:

Breakfast first..they went to sleep in yellow pajamas so they were already dressed for our yellow breakfast when they woke up. We had their most favorite breakfast-Nutella waffle sandwiches…easy right? Maybe not the most yellow food but not the least yellow either so I’m calling it a win.

Next a quick decorate. We used an old YAY sign on the fireplace from a previous event and blew up smiley face balloons. First $1 spent-bag of 12 balloons.

We later made pipe cleaner hearts and I added them too….

Then I set up a photo background with two rolls of streamers from the dollar store..a 2 pack for $1! We added a headband for my daughter and some yellow sunnies…the Pokemon ones we already had. Total spend here $4 on streamers, sunnies and a headband. We are up to $5 spent. Their toys were the only other decorations. As for outfits I let me kids chose anything yellow-my daughter and son both chose Pikachu items they had. My daughter a dress and my son a yellow tee shirt. We like Pokemon around here! Pikachu was the unofficial mascot of this party actually. So much so that one of our two guests showed up wearing the same dress as my daughter!! We are smart moms that made sure we did photos first thing! Otherwise you never get the photos because the kids are “too busy” later for photos.

After some photo booth fun the kids played a video game featuring Pikachu…he’s yellow!! They also played pass the balloon with the smileys from the floor. Then a quick craft. I found these wooden sun photo frames at the dollar store and set out yellow highlighters and sharpies to color them in. I was not up for group painting or cleaning up a bunch of markers down the line. I just wasn’t so this was my solution! We had a pile of plastic bead necklaces they wore later that I used on the table (no cost-left over from Gasparilla).

Pool time was next on the kid’s list of must do’s. I got pool rings for each kid, yellow and $1 each of course and this cute inflatable pineapple (also $1) to play with. Shockingly they never touched the pineapple inflatable So I guess that will be a novelty for another day!

After swimming we had lunch options of:

Mac and cheese

Pineapple juice or lemonade

Pineapple popsicles (Store bought ones we already had)

Microwave butter popcorn

Our plan was to move on to a movie. They settled in and took a vote and chose Despicable Me 2. We continued to the next movie after their friends left. These were our yellow choices that we had on hand:


Detective Pikachu

Despicable Me 2

Some things I was surprised everyone enjoyed:

*The popcorn seem to be a huge hit and the kids mowed it down even when they weren’t watching a movie! I probably could’ve just fed them all popcorn with nothing else and they would’ve been happy

* The balloons made them so happy…I thought we’d get a few minutes enjoyment and got a lot more out of 12 balloons for a buck

* How handy the sunglasses came in. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, this is Florida in summertime. But we loved our yellow shades.

* How excited the kids were to be wearing the same color…of course both moms also wore yellow…we like a theme too!

My dress was bought last summer at Old Navy & I added a couple of my own accessories below:

Moms are usually behind the camera and not in front of it…we know this! I made a point to get in the picture today just to have proof that I was here for once!!! While I admit that I did this themed day primarily for kids I had a lot of fun myself today! You cannot be surrounded by yellow and not be happy!

Thank you so much for joining our party today! The kids were already discussing what color to pick next year with their friends…it’s a tie between blue and orange at the moment. I hope to hang out with you again soon!!! Stay as mellow and as yellow as you can! If you decide to have your own color day I’d love to hear about it! My advice would be to start with the food and build around it. After all our kids seem to be eating constantly right now, or is it just mine?

X Janet