Thanks for the memories, the end of this blogging chapter and the beginning of a new path. An explaination & a thank you from my heart

59454BBE-31DB-486F-84A7-57B02F7819BC Life is a funny and unexpected thing isn’t it? You just never know where it’s going to take you.  I’ve been telling you stories since this blog began and now I get to tell you two more. These two stories are important so let’s talk. Im going to start with a story that happened several years ago.


Just over eight years ago we welcomed a beautiful baby girl to our family and a month later a different kind of eventful occurrence took place. You see what I didn’t know was that there were complications in that pregnancy that hadn’t been discovered. It was a month after I had her and something just wasn’t right. This was my second pregnancy and I knew I wasn’t healing properly and so we went in to the hospital to look into it and I almost didn’t come out again.  It’s a long complicated story but with a happy ending obviously because I’m still here. This would be the Christmas that almost wasn’t.


When I woke up my first thought was confusion, why was I here and what was going on? I was told the story by others and I felt their fear, I felt the gravity of had happened and my body certainly told me I’d been through the ringer!

My next thought was of gratitude for being with my family. I was grateful to be alive.  It could’ve all turned out so differently but by the grace of a higher power and my wonderful Doctor that wasn’t the case.

I made it home for Christmas that year to my one month old baby, my two-year-old son and my husband. I pledged to carry that gratitude through the rest of my life and I think I’ve done a pretty good job realizing that being present is a present! So as the anniversary approaches of my second chance at life I’ve decided it’s time to take yet another chance.

My path has come to a fork and I have chosen to seek out a new direction. This will be somewhat unchartered but I am thrilled to find out where it goes. Many factors lead me here. I have felt a need to make some personal changes in my overall being. I will be pursuing prioritizing my health, it has been on the back burner and I’m moving it to the front one. A friend recently said that our health is the most important thing we have, you are right my friend. I have some physical goals, I have some mental goals and emotional ones too. I always too have the goal of being the best mom I can be and the best partner to my husband. These are my people!! They are my reason and my world.

I need to be present. I promised myself those years ago I would be and I want to honor it. I want to take that walk, read that book, have that meal, create new things. I have the blessing of not having to work if the time isn’t right, the time isn’t right…right now. I want to be that women, friend mom and wife every day that’s gives me pride. I want family time, as much as I can get!!!  Friends I will take some friends time too because I love you guys and I need to hang out for my sanity and for my comic relief! I plan to learn, laugh, love and grow. This is what I want.

I am in short going to persue living my best life. I am granting myself the freedom to do so. I am not shutting the door completely to this career because I don’t know what the future holds. I am, however, using the time I put into it and putting it elsewhere for now. I want to see what happens if I do.  No what if’s just right now‘s…there is no time like now!!

I am not walking away from this prospering career in defeat, far from it! I am so proud of these accomplishments!! I still can’t believe any of this happened!! I am appreciative of every last little and big detail!!!

Getting a coveted spot on The Today Show’s online team, incredible and mind blowing! I have been able to be read by millions of people through my work with them and it has changed my path, no two ways about it! I didn’t believe I would ever have this opportunity, it’s a writer’s dream come true!!

Growing to Almost 13,000 followers of this blog on Instagram, OMG I still can’t believe it!! I have worked with some incredible companies,  gotten to know some goal crushing mom bosses and my following have gotten to know me. Instagram I credit the most with taking me out of my comfort zone. It forced me to get in front of the camera and vogue a bit. You truly saw me there, many times in my own backyard (or a neighbor’s).

Having readers join me here on the blog from all over the world, humbling!! It is just plain humbling to have been a part of your lives!!  To join you in your careers, to have new adventures with some of you in the Something New Series, to learn from you, to have conversations with you, to be with you in our motherhood…it has meant so much to me!! More than I can ever put into words. I hold you in my heart always!!


I could not not take this step without talking to you as we always have. I could not miss the opportunity to thank you for your support. Many of you believed in my writing before I did. To name a few-Christie, you were the such a critical reason I began. Dad you always encouraged me to write. Stacey you cheer on every idea I ever have like its the best one yet. Hubby, you are my sounding board and the love of my life. My kiddos-you are my heart and soul and reason for all that I do.


To my readers-I believe in your stories!! I believe in your greatness! I believe you are gifts I’ve been given, some of you have become friends in real life because of this work. I think it’s a new level of special that we have been brought together! To name a few-Carol, Paris, Carmen, Lauren, Leslie, Deanna, Samantha, Rosemary, Stacey K, Carolyn, Sandra, Ann, Jen B, Melisa, Christine, Casey and Nicole. I am grateful to know you, to have written about you/been supported by you and to be your friend. True friendship is a two way street and I like sharing this road with you. I could not have done this without you and would not have wanted to. Big hugs each of you, hugs ones!


So as 2020 approaches I don’t know in what way I’ll see you but I hope I do see many of you! I’ll keep you posted one way or another, this I promise. You know I’m not one to stay silent but the next little bit will be a time for reflection and some new things. I may just surprise myself and come back here but if I don’t know I’ll never ever forget this journey. The details…they have been the story!!

I wish you a very happy holidays and that all your dreams come true. It is never too late to reach, to dream and to try! See you in 2020, how I don’t yet know but I will!!!