Getting polished with Olive & June

A funny thing happened this week as I tried to work, everything didn’t work! I had problems with this website and had somehow managed to get myself put in Instagram jail! I didn’t even know this could happen!! I had so many things I wanted to share and I was so frustrated that I wasn’t going to be able to. And then even cooler thing happens, I had to scrap it all. Lately I’ve been a bit of a workaholic and not being able to work turned out to be quite the blessing!

Being unable to do my job meant that I was open and available to do things I didn’t have to do but wanted to do. It was a pretty freeing few days I have to say. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect because I received a beautiful gift box from my friends at Olive & June at my doorstep as I thought of how I would spend my unplanned free time. No need to think of ideas on how to spend my first free hour, they had me covered! I got to give myself the funnest manicure I’ve had in quite a while. Anyone who knows me knows I never take the time to paint my nails but this was an amazing box! The box is actually called the Treat Yourself box and it certainly was a treat to receive.

To think that my biggest decision was going to be which color to try out first, I nearly tried them all simultaneously! They are such beautiful shades for this winter and the fact that you get nine different polishes, a topcoat and everything else you need to give yourself an amazing manicure made me giddy to try it! I’m going to give you a sneak peek into the first shade I tried and let you in on a little secret too!

I decided to go with something completely unexpected and went with this shade of midnight blue. Who knew nail polish could make you feel so pampered and elegant! One of the perks of my job is sometimes I get to try out products but this was more than that this was getting to try out a different way of life. This week I have gotten to try out taking time for myself. I have caught up on magazines left unread on the table, took a long bath and made meals for my family leisurely. I also took care of all my Christmas shopping, online with a glass of wine which in my opinion is the best way to do it! I can’t believe I’m actually done with all of my Christmas shopping, this is a major accomplishment!

So here’s a big secret that I’m sharing with you! If you still have Christmas shopping to get done I can definitely hook you up with one of these amazing Treat Yourself boxes for yourself or any amazing lady on your list. This box usually retails for $100 but from right now until 12/2 at 11:59 p.m. you can take 25% off site wide on Olive & June, making this box $75! You can give yourself permission for your own little treat and/or cross someone else off your holiday shopping list. Check out all the cool products on sale for Cyber Week on the website right here .

Big thanks to Olive & June for hooking me up and for allowing me to hook up my readers! Stay tuned for all my finds as I find them because you know I’ll be sharing them with you and giving you those Details!! X Janet