The Mom’s Wardrobe Staple-Solid Black Leggings. My Collaboration with Simple Addiction-Let’s talk Details

What is the one item in your mommy wardrobe you can’t live without? For me that’s an easy one-leggings!! You can call them leggings, yoga pants…gifts from heaven, whatever but they are a necessary and a favorite in my busy mom life! From running kids to camp to working out to hanging out-leggings never let me down.

The question is have you found your favorite brand yet? I’ve tried many brands and have never been quite satisfied until I was approached by Simple Addiction to try theirs. I admit that the first thing that intrigued me was the price- $7.95!!! But would that translate into quality? I was up for the challenge! I decided to not only try the solid black leggings but also two other pairs of their leggings and a couple of their fun graphic tee shirts as well.

Today I’m giving you my honest review and little fashion show of the results. I wore the black leggings three different times and three different ways just to be through (and because they were so freaking comfy).

First look-morning hang out at home

I honestly could have sat on this counter all day drinking my coffee! I felt like I was wearing the softest pajama bottoms! I paired them with my Simple Addiction Central Perk graphic tee…for all you Friends fans out there!! This is how I really look in the morning with no filter!!

Next look-working out

I put these leggings to the test with a workout. No having to yank up periodically like many of the other brands I’ve tried. They were stretchy for movement and comfortable during the whole workout. I paired them with my favorite Give Me The Details tee (made by my friend Casey of Wild Liberty Designs).

Last look-Out to lunch

For this last look I added a favorite Old Navy tunic and my go to leopard flats. I felt pulled together and still comfortable during a rather generous meal! I even received a few compliments!

My final take-these Simple Addiction leggings are fantastic! They are flattering, versatile and stylish for whatever your mommy day brings! I’m thrilled to have partnered with this company for this opportunity to try them out! Here’s a link to get your own pair if you’re interested Again they are only $7.95 a pair and all orders over $40.00 receive free shipping.

Because I enjoyed this experiment so much I also want to share a few of the other pieces I tried out as well! Check out some of my other looks:

These fun patterned capri leggings-again $7.95.

These gray sold capri leggings (you guessed it $7.95) that I paired with an Old Navy tank and my favorite poncho that I wore to the movies.

I love my Oh Snap graphic tee from Simple Addiction as well…I also paired it with the black leggings.

If you’re interested in checking out any of these items or the many other cool pieces available, go to Until the next try on session friends, take care of yourself this summer and go make some memories too!! Janet