A Pizza Themed Pool Party For Kids You Can Do In Minutes

It’s been a busy week but you promised your kids they could have a couple of friends over. Have no fear! You can pull together a fun play date in no time with very little effort. Today I’m sharing with you the details of a play date we had at our house when 5 cute 6 yr old boys came over for an afternoon.

(Sign made by my kindergartener)

We decided to throw this little celebration of the first day of summer with only a few days notice. All 4 boys we invited were surprisingly available and said yes to the invitation. With school quickly coming to close there were a lot of items on my to do list to prepare for summer. You know what I mean readers, there are errands you just want to run alone. There are things to get organized and vacations to prepare for. Needless to say I didn’t have much time to plan this party. My son was completing his first year in kindergarten and wanted to mark the occasion..how could we say no?One day while running my other errands I popped into my trusty Dollar Tree to see what I could find. They had these adorable pizza pool floats for $1 each and the inspiration for the party came from them. I picked up one for each of the boys, as well as their own pool noodle and pair of goggles. I managed to find 5 different colors of the googles so each boy would know which pair was his. I also picked up a piece of yellow poster board for $.50 that my son could decorate. You’ll see his work above. So far our total for the party is $15.50.I also found these build your own car kits for $1 each that the boys could work on as they arrived. $5 total. They each put their own spin on their cars with the stickers that came in the box and it was fun for them to compare their creativity.We had all the disposable plates, cups, napkins already so I just stopped at the grocery after the dollar store and purchased drinks and a couple of snacks. Total there $10.Our party day was the next day. We simply inflated the floats with our air pump and places them in a row by the pool with their new noodle and googles. I filled a drink bucket with ice and added juice boxes and bottled water. Since we’d be by the pool I filled a couple of plastic bowls with the snacks and set them out there for easy reach. We set up the car building at our outdoor table and hung the sign my son made with some heavy duty tape.One last step..since it was a pizza themed party I of course ordered..you guessed it…pizza. It’s easy to order online and specify what time you want it to be delivered. In this case we wanted it a few hours later. I like getting it done before everybody arrives so you can focus on watching the kids, especially if they’re swimming. It turned out to be an absolute success!

The boys all loved building their car kits, the snacks, pizza and the swimming..so so much swimming. They all loved their new floats, noodles and googles. They each took them home when they left as party favors.The grand total for this little celebration came to around $60 including the pizza! I spent maybe 30 minutes shopping for it and maybe 20 minutes to set it up.

It was completely stress free and everyone had a blast! Mission accomplished!!We are as I type this preparing for our next party. You know I’ll be giving you the details!! Thanks for checking this one out! Always love your comments so keep them coming! Janet