The Something New Series-Could You be a Pranic Fanatic?

What’s new with you friends? I think you know there is Something New with me. The title of this series pretty much guarantees it. We when last hung out I shared my adventure with Botox. This time I plan on sharing less close ups of my face (we are all good on that for awhile) and give you another kind of close up instead.

I start by telling you that my new adventures have each been so different from the last. There is truly no comparison between any of them. The common denominator is yours truly..because I’m not going to share any experience with you I didn’t personally participate in. When a new challenge is planned I go into each one with as open of a mind as I can. I try not to bring a preconceived notion of how I think it will go and just give it my all. I leave my doubts, fears, etc parked in the parking lot with my car and walk into a challenge fully. Sometimes this has been easier than others.

Before I get to this challenge let me give you some background. I was challenged by Nicole Fouche for a brand new experience. It was a mutual challenge actually because I’ve been dying to try out Nicole’s business for a while! Nicole is the sister of my dear friend Natalie and I’ve known her for a few years personally but never professionally. I hadn’t really ever had a conversation about pranic healing with her.

As we know our good friends become like family to us and thus their families becomes like family to us. So when Pranic Healing Tampa opened it’s brand new space a couple of months ago I was among the many who were there to celebrate the grand opening. As a matter of fact if you look at any picture of the ribbon-cutting you might see part of my head in the photo. I was so excited to be a part of celebrating this special day. We spoke briefly among congratulating her that I would love to write something about this but at the time I had yet to start this series. Once I did I knew that I wanted Nicole to be a part of it.

The space that has been set up at Pranic Healing Tampa is not only just for healing. There are guest lecturers that come to speak on many different subjects that you can attend. There are classes on psychotherapy, meditation, karmic relationship workshops. There are yoga classes that can be attended and children’s classes available in mosaics and in yoga that can be done together with parents. This is a place for all members of the family to find an area of interest.

So before I tell you exactly what adventures I had with Nicole I want you to picture something in your mind. Think of the stress and the troubles, the worries and the lists of to do’s that you carry around like a suitcase that you never set down. Better still think of it like your everyday heavy purse. My purse personally weighs about 10 pounds and after a day out with my family my back and shoulders feel the strain of carrying everybody’s everything in my bag. Does this happen to you too? Wouldn’t it be great to do something that would help take away that weight that we carry around?

What if there was an option out there to shed some of that weight that we carry? I was definitely on board with finding out. I was invited to join a group class for my first experience and I’m taking you along with me. I also am excited to share my experience with a private healing session that I did next. So please bring your mellow vibes and join me.

Before I tell you what I did and how it went I want to tell you what I worried about going into this. I have a tendency not to be able to empty my mind. I can’t really tune everything out and just meditate as much as I would like to. Those that attended the opening were treated to a mini blessing by one of the talented healers. I was led to a lovely woman and was told to just relax and empty my mind and focus on something positive. This would only last 10 minutes but I really struggled for the 10 minutes to clear everything out of my brain. I found the experience unique and delightful. I just thought the other attendees probably benefited more because they were more receptive at that moment than I was.

So as I arrived at the group class I made myself a promise that I would do my very best to be a blank canvas to accept what was about to happen. I would leave the lists both physically and metaphorically in the car and arrive as light as I could to start. I was told to bring a pillow, a blanket and a yoga mat. I wasn’t sure what they all had in common but I was about to find out.

The group class

If there is a recipe for beginning the process of relaxation/meditation I think it goes a little something like this and all these factors where present at Pranic.

*Having beautiful but not overwhelming scents wafting through the air.

*Have soft relaxing music playing in the background and lighting that is dimmed.

* Feeling comfortable and relaxed in the group that you’re joining for this class

* The gift of a great guide for this experience

I joined a group of three other women who are regulars at this class. They all came in excited and raving about a previous class and/or a future workshop that they were interested in. We were settled into our spots, yoga mats and blankets on the ground, pillows and bolsters in place for comfort. (Thank you to my classmate Gigi and Nicole for talking me through what goes where!). We began by opening up our bodies with stretching. We then settled onto our spot on the floor in a comfortable position, covered by our additional blanket with our eyes closed. Nicole began to guide us with affirmations and visuals to picture in our minds. I felt very relaxed and comfortable as she continued speaking in a soft mellow tone.

During the class

What happened next is nothing short of amazing! I begin to feel myself being able to empty my head completely. The thing I worried about most being able to do I was actually doing! I would find out later that my brain went into the alpha state of being which was pretty exciting. The Alpha state in layman’s terms basically means that you’re consciously practicing meditation.

I was so relaxed that when I came out of the alpha state I felt embarrassed thinking that I had fallen asleep during her class! This would mean that I failed not only as a writer who wasn’t supposed to fall asleep on the job but also as a friend who should stay awake too! It was only when the person next to me, The fabulous Gigi, told Nicole excitedly that she had reached the alpha state and described it did I understand that I had as well! Crisis averted and I guess that makes me an A student!

There is a feeling of calm that comes over your body post class. A feeling of release and a feeling of increased energy. I felt as if I had set down that purse and I was leaving it there. As Nicole served us tea and we all talked after, I understood that the other women in the room felt exactly the same. I asked them if they would mind sharing why they choose this holistic and alternate approach.

Lynn, a fellow class member, said “I love Nicole, I love the energy. I do multiple courses here and I love the healing, calming, and relaxing that comes with it.” Gigi, my fellow alpha stater, told me “Three years ago I first met Nicole and my life changed. I’ve been hooked from that moment until now. In short I am more balanced and calmer and generally a nicer person (this part said somewhat jokingly).”

Nicole then said “Can I edit that? That’s not me, that’s the pranic healing. The therapist is the channel, we are the vehicle to transmit.” What I can say is that those who attend her class find Nicole to be a very important part of the experience. They find her to be the instructor and teacher that takes them to the level of relaxation/meditation that they’re looking for. They all agreed that they found her talented in her approach and knowledge. They understand how much she believes in what she’s doing. They believe in the healing and inspiration to be found here.

It was mentioned that there was such sweet energy in the room by more than one person. Nicole commented that the energy is different every time. My body felt as if I had spent the best day at the spa ever. I was just the mellowest I had been in the longest I could remember being! This my dear readers was good for my soul, my busy mommy soul needed this!

The private healing

I came back the following week to have my private healing with my pillow, blanket, yoga mat. I would soon find out that I could’ve easily left them at home because a private session and a group session are two different things entirely. Nicole ushered me into a private room and began explaining in more depth. She began educating me on healing, her background, how she discovered it and what this session would be about for me.

Eight years ago, Nicole heard about this type of healing and it grabbed her immediately. This holistic style of healing is the fastest growing healing in the world of bio energy today. There are 30 years of scientific research behind it showing that imbalances in your energy causes physical problems. There are levels to the imbalances in the physical signs that show from them. Once you have stress that finally overwhelms and overflows your physical signs begin to make themselves known.

By having an energetic scan, blocks can be removed and physical body responds. Our bodies know how to heal when there’s no blockages. If you don’t yet have physical signs it can actually be preventative. During the scan there is no physical touch. Crystals are used and you lay comfortably under a blanket with soft music playing from a headset. Your negativity is pulled out without even having to talk about what issues that you might be facing. Some of the issues you have may be subconscious ones that you’re not even aware of yet but the scan will reveal them present in your body. What’s interesting is as Nicole put it, it’s like emptying out a tub of dirty water-when you pull the plug all the negativity comes out.

As my energetic scan was being done I did start to wonder what her findings would be but I convinced myself to do exactly what I did during my first session-try to clear out my head, close my eyes and just go with it. I told her nothing about anything that had been going on in my life or my body so there was no initial information given. The only thing I shared was that I had been dealing with what I felt was probably some kind of sinus infection in the days leading up to my visit. I really only told her that in case I started coughing while she was next to me.

Not unlike my first experience at Pranic Healing, my second one flew by equally as quickly. She gently tapped me on the shoulder and told me that she was all done. I couldn’t help asking her what my blockages had been that she had found and treated. In my case she discussed that she found that in my stomach there was some stress. What she couldn’t have known is that I had been dealing with some digestive problems the past few weeks before I went to see her (and haven’t had a single one since I saw her…I’m just saying I haven’t)! I think there was probably other things I had been caring around I wasn’t aware of just as most people do but when I left it was once again a feeling of I’m light, I am lighter than when I arrived.

(Nicole and I after my private session)

I like to think that I’m open to all the possibilities in life. Some of them in the alternative vein, this holistic option. I can say that I was astounded and amazed by my two experiences at Pranic Healing Tampa. I had absolutely zero idea what this experience would give to me. What I did become aware of is how much my body was carrying. There was so much more than that heavy purse. I believe there was much more happening than I was even aware of, spiritually and emotionally and also physically. I found this experience to be eye-opening on several levels.

What I can say for sure is that this grew the already existing large respect that I have for Nicole to an even greater level. What she does, and the people she helps is to be commended. This clearly touches people on many levels, not only our chakras involved but personal relationships. I personally believe that there is so much growth that can be done for each person here. Whether you’re interested in one of the lectures, whether yoga is your thing or whether you want to look into a deeper level of healing your overall self. Whether you want to align your chakras or find out what the heck a chakra is, this is the place to come!

(The fantastic Nicole Fouche)

A thank you

A big thank you to the lovely ladies I met in group class who welcomed me and were so helpful! I really enjoyed talking to you all over tea. A massive thank you to Nicole Fouche for taking such great care of me, educating me and welcoming me into the world of healing. I am so glad that I had a chance to participate and learn so much!

Information about Pranic Healing Tampa

If you are interested in seeing what Pranic Healing Tampa has to offer you can visit the website or call 813-525-3578. When you call or if you make arrangements to head in-please mention my name! I want her to know I sent you…kidding but only a little! Pranic Healing Tampa is located at 13009 W Linebaugh Ave in Westchase, Florida.

In Closing

So that’s the details of that my latest challenge accepted, what did you think? Are you more curious than you were before? Have you looked up a few things on Google that I’ve talked about? It’s OK-I had to Google alpha state too!! In my case it was mostly to find out what the heck happened to me and I was pleasantly surprised! (Sorry for ever questioning whether I had gone the wrong kind of unconscious on you Nicole..hopefully it gave you a laugh!).

Will I be talking to you about next? Only I know so you’ll have to tune in and find out! I’ll give you a little clue that things are going to turn out a little brighter than they started with! I can promise that it will definitely be Something New! I can’t wait to see where these adventures continue to take me and I know it makes me smile when I think about you coming along for the ride! A reminder that if you really want to come along send me a message, a singing telegram or a bottle of good wine (slightly kidding..I like red)! I am definitely open to your suggestions whether you join me or not! Although I would absolutely love to have you along!

Until we meet again for the next adventure in the life of a busy 40 something-year-old mother I say to you-

May you always have sweet friends to share your memories with. May your cups of coffee and dry shampoo always be plentiful and may the odds be ever in your favor!