The Something New Series-I’m Giving You The Details on what’s about to happen & I’m excited!!

When I was growing up in my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana I used to watch to watch a weekly segment on our local news called “I challenge Greg”. The sports reporter, Greg, would be challenged each week by a member of our community to join them in a different activity. I would watch him try everything sports related from mud wrestling to a pick up basketball game with the viewer that “challenged” him. Sometimes Greg would kill it in the activity and sometimes he would flop. Each week I would tune in to see which it would be.

Many moons later and Greg is off the air of the local station. Many reporters have come after him and none that I’m aware of have continued his legacy. These moons have seen me change too from a preteen wearing two pairs of socks (it was THE thing) as I rode my bike to TCBY for ice cream to a full time mama navigating different daily challenges but still in need of that ice cream from time to time.

2019 has started as a year of finding my way, my balance, my place in the life I lead. My main goal starting this year was to be present. To work less and mother more. To stress less and be in the moment more. To dedicate time to myself while continuing to give to the people I love. As I settled into this new philosophy I asked myself a big question-What do I want to do? If there was going to be time set aside just for me, what did I want to do with it?

The hobbies I once had have slowly fallen by the wayside over the years. Some of the things I used to do no longer interest me. A few things my friends have mentioned either intimidate me or I don’t know enough about them to know where to begin. Yet a few more are more time intensive than I’m looking for. I believe it’s never too late to learn. It’s never too late to discover new things. It’s time to try Something New…a few something’s!! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m taking you with me. This is my own version of Greg’s challenge.

I’m going to start what I hope will be a fun, interesting journey and I’d like you to join me. I will be saying yes to new experiences-and maybe just maybe I’ll find my thing as I try them out. I’ll be trying out lots of different categories because there’s so much I have yet to have experienced. I’m taking the challenges as they come-from an exercise class I should try to a spa treatment someone loves. I am open to exploring cool tourist spots/restaurants, excursions or even interests I can do right in my own home, books I should read, groups to join, products to sample…the sky is the limit!

In this series you’ll never know what I’m going to do or learn about but I’m also going to listen to you too. Have a suggestion, idea, or know someone (even yourself) I should join in an activity? If you’re a Tampa local and know of something amazing from a must try Zumba class to a must try dessert at a local place…I want you to “challenge” me! If you’re not local but think I should try a new mud mask, television show or recipe, “challenge” me!! If you offer services, classes, have a great business/career you think I should be a part of or if you have an great product you want a review on, “challenge” me!

If you want to see me embrace the unknown or uncertain in an honest way I think this will be the series to follow. What will I do next? If you want to be a part of this adventure send me a comment, a message or sky write it..whatever you think will get my attention or curiosity. (Within reason ladies and gents)

I will answer each and every suggestion! Along the way, maybe just maybe you will discover you want to try these things too. Maybe your curiosity will be raised or at the very least we will learn together. Will you be seeing me every week like Greg, no…I stand by my plan to work less and mother more. I’m making that clear from the get go because it’s been so great for my family and for myself to take a step back this year. Visiting with you is like visiting with any friend I haven’t seen for a bit, we will have catching up to do! Hopefully we will do it with humor and excitement to see what the other has been up to!

The first challenge was from me to me and I can’t wait to share it with you in the next installment of this series! I challenge you to share it with me, my friends!! Janet