Easy Themed Christmas Trees for Kids-Disney Frozen

We’re continuing my series of Themed Christmas Trees for Kids with this year’s tree for my favorite little princess. Our budgets might be tight with all the shopping we need to do but that doesn’t mean we can’t create a one of a kind tree for our kiddos with very little time and money.

I’m a little sad to report that my little girl has pretty much grown out of the princess loving stage. For the past couple of years she lived and breathed Disney princesses and now they are no longer her thing..save for two. Anna and Elsa are still favorited although I’m not sure for how long. It’s bittersweet to see your little girl grow before your eyes sometimes! While they are still fully loved and obsessed over I welcomed her wish to have a Frozen themed tree of her very own this year.

This being said I did not welcome a big price tag or using up a ton of time to make this happen!! I set aside an hour and less than $20 for this project and today I’m sharing the results with you. If your own little princess is dreaming of her own special Christmas tree I want to show you how it easy it can be to make that dream come true. Let’s get Frozen!

Step 1- Shop your home

For any themed tree you want to see what you already have first. You’ll be amazed what you may have forgotten about in your child’s bedroom, playroom and arts and crafts area. Gather it all together and see exactly what you have to work with..toys, stuffed animals, stickers, etc. I even found some cute keychains I could use. I was pleasantly surprised that I had a very good start already.

Step 2- Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

Pinterest is your resource darlings! Anytime I want inspiration this is my first stop. Learn from what others have tried and shared. You don’t have to be boundlessly creative! I pinned a few ideas that I thought I could achieve and those sparked a few others.

Step 3-Shop but do so sparingly

In my case I needed snow, snowflakes and icicles. How does a mom create snow in Florida? Easy…I found 4 packages of Halloween spider webs on clearance and not spread out they looked just like snow. You can also buy “snow” at the Dollar Store or your local craft store (basically differently packaged spider webs).

I also found snowflakes and icicles ornaments at the Dollar Store. I bought a few big snowflakes to make a statement and few 16 count packages of small ones in silver and white. The icicles were 10 for $1. I also found clear ornaments and snowflake stickers to jazz them up. Super affordable!

Step 4-Crafting

I let my daughter get happily involved in this part. I provided her with some Frozen stickers, construction paper, the snowflake stickers and clear ornaments I’d purchased and let her go to town. She made the executive decision that the construction paper she added the stickers to did not need to be hole punched to add ribbon to hang them. Your tree..your rules!!

Last Step-Set up. I used a tree we already had and some fun lights we used last year (on the outside of our house) on this tree. Total cost-nothing!! If you did have to purchase these items you’d be looking at around $30 for both.

Here’s my thought about set up when your child is involved and it’s for them…let the kids take the lead on what goes where. (If you’re type A like myself, bite your tongue hard during this process). I helped string the lights on her somewhat lopsided set up (so what…really mama bear so what if it’s leaning..I repeated in my head as I died to fix it but didn’t). She asked me to help with the snow placement which was simply to wrap it like garland around the tree and fluff where needed.

My son then joined us and they took over placing the ornaments and “tree art” she created. She wasn’t worried about a tree skirt so I just wrapped the bottom of the tree with a white knit blanket we had laying around to look like more “snow”.

Some fun additions..toys, stuffed animals, an Elsa crown, figurines we turned into ornaments by adding ribbon to them and a large Elsa toy tied to the top of the tree as our topper with the same plain ol’ ribbon.

Our final product!! Made in one hour with help from a little princess! We dressed it up with a couple of shiny silver boxes for the Frozen gifts and a huge stuffed Elsa at the bottom of the tree to watch over it.

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out our Frozen tree! This project not only fulfilled my daughter’s wish but fills her with pride that we “made this”. Has this idea gotten your creative juices flowing? Do you have your own princess spin to put on this? You can take any princess theme and run with it for a tree. Last year she loved them all..every single Disney gal…so our theme was all of them!! Who knows what next Christmas will bring??!

See you for next time for my final Themed Tree For Kids idea..a completely free theme…yes, the cost was $0 to create the next tree and it was my son’s vision come to life!! Janet