The 20 Minutes That Could Save Your Life-My Date With Sam

I met a new friend today and her name is Sam. We met in a dimly lit room and I was wearing a robe. How’s that for a meet cute? Sam was my technician for my mammogram. Yes, I’m talking to you about mammograms today. I did say I wanted to talk details with you and this was by far the most share worthy detail of my day.

I am guilty of putting off making this appointment! (Very overdue to have this done.) Full transparency my last mammogram was nearly 3 years and one state ago. I felt very lucky when I called for this appointment that they could get me scheduled within a week. So here I am early this a.m. having a massive cup of coffee while wearing a beautiful pink robe having a chat with Sam.

Sam is truly the coolest mammogram tech I think I’ve ever had-not only was she friendly and immediately put me at ease but very helpful and informative as well. I told her I’d be blogging about this appointment and asked what I should share that she felt was important to get across.

Here’s some wisdom (from her and I) and Sam’s story that she is allowing me to share with you:

1. It is a quick appointment! I was in and out in about 20 minutes. My coffee was still warm in my travel mug when I left.

2. Make sure you schedule this appointment early. Don’t skip! (Basically don’t be a Janet-go every year!)

3. This visit could save your life. Period. The earlier any problems/issues are found, the more treatable they are. Early detection is crucial!!

4. Do self exams in between yearly mammograms. No one knows your body better than you do. You will know if something feels different-if it does don’t wait until your next your doctor right away to get it checked out! If you don’t know how to do a self exam there’s nothing embarrassing about asking your doctor to show you (you can also google and you tube some instructions).

Sam’s story:

“I decided that I wanted to do this job because I’m passionate about it. My daughter had to grieve losing her aunt and grandmother in the same year. Even though we have a family history, my mom and sister had always refused to get mammograms. They both passed away from breast cancer. My daughter was 4 and asked me if she too would die someday the same way. I decided I had to get involved in promoting women to have exams. I do this job and am vocal about women coming in. We can save our own lives.”

I hope by sharing the story women will be encouraged to get in and get this done! It is slightly uncomfortable but not painful. I’ll even throw in a selfie of me above to show you I never lost my smile once during the exam. (Although I was slightly under caffeinated so not a grin, I’m sure you can relate to this!) Easy Peasy! As an extra pat on the back they even gave me a thank you note for coming in. They actually thank you for taking care of yourself! Guess who signed mine?? That’s right, my coffee date and that awesome, very professional, caring woman…Sam.

Thank you for joining me today! I have had a few friends send me messages lately to post a yellow heart in honor of Breast Cancer Prevention, consider this a BIG YELLOW 💛 gals! I care about this message and I hope to help spread the word! I would like to share a few more facts that I gathered from the American Cancer Society’s website as additional information for you to consider:

* You can get breast cancer even if it doesn’t run in your family. More than 85% of women diagnosed have no family history of the disease.

* Having breast cancer run in your family doesn’t guarantee you’ll get it either. Many times cancer runs in families due to similar lifestyle habits. Not smoking, staying at healthy weight and getting regular physical activity helps lower these risks.

*You still need mammograms after menopause. About 2 out of 3 invasive breast cancers are found in women age 55 and older.

* Man can get breast cancer too! More than 2,000 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Men should not ignore breast lumps and have them checked immediately.

For women who’ve been putting this off I hope this gives you some insight. I wrote this article a few days ago and just got my results back- I’m in the clear! I can’t tell you what a piece of mind this is after putting it off so long! I’ll be back to bring you more details the next time we hang out…on what..who knows?? That’s the beauty of a blog darlings! Janet

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  1. This is so so important. Why don’t we talk about this more. Luckily here in the UK we are sent reminders, which is great. Without the reminder I honestly think I would forgot, although it should be a priority . I love this post. Thank you for raising awareness.. And for your continued awesomeness ❤️

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