The MomBoss Series- Jamie Fisher

Hello my friends! It’s Monday and you know what that’s time for some inspiration! As some of you know, I’ve been covering the MomBoss event for the last few months. What is it? This is an event that showcases moms in business, created by the owner of Reruns 4 Little Ones (and a MomBoss herself). It takes place weekly from the beginning of summer through the fall at the Reruns shop here in Tampa. I love the idea of moms supporting moms, so as another show of support I’m also spotlighting some of the participants of this event on the blog too.

This week’s MomBoss will be sharing her business at the event on October 5th. I admit I didn’t know much about her business when we began talking and was intrigued. I had heard about (although never personal experienced) some of the services she provides. I feel I’ve had a bit of education now! Speaking of getting an education, the woman I’m talking to today is a lover of learning. She is constantly learning, studying, wondering, and inquiring. She is a thinker and has a quest to know more about..more!

Jamie is a mom of two boys, a businesswoman, a dreamer and a believer. As I read her answers to my questions I could almost hear her soothing voice speaking to me. I can envision going to her for therapy and feeling more relaxed in her presence. Her desire to help others comes through in her words as does the deep love she has for her boys. What also comes through is Jamie’s optimism, passion for what she does and drive to keep doing even more. So please join me as I talk to Jamie about motherhood, business, wellness and that insatiable desire to keep learning and growing:

Tell me a little about yourself and your family:

“I’m 53 (I actually say “40–13″). I have two sons ages 12 and 10 whom I LOVE WITH MY WHOLE BEING. My mom lives near Ocala(my dad died 4 years ago) as do my brother and his family. We all moved to Florida from near Buffalo, New York between the years 2000-2002.

In addition to Body Mosaic, my business I started in 1996, I also educate about and promote Young Living Essential Oils and homeschool (unschool actually) my two sons.

As far as what kind of Boss Mom I am: I’m open with my kids about my flaws and struggles. I’m also open about organization, time management, fears, etc. I think the one thing I try to live and model for them is that IT CAN BE DONE. Whatever it is. It will always work out because it does, even if it’s not as expected. I don’t see anything as impossible. Although I may struggle, a lot and longer than I should..I never quit! I always try to see the positive and try to model that to them as well.”

Tell me a little about your business:

“My business, Body Mosaic, has developed over the years and probably will continue to develop as I change as an individual and as my clients needs and desires change. It started strictly as a massage therapy practice with a focus on physical therapy and structural rehabilitation. I worked closely with the PT practice and referring physicians in western New York. I would call the work that I did they are very function and structure focused.

I love learning- I could be a forever student! (I often say that I could do a job of taking classes and writing summaries and reviews). As I learned about different modalities and techniques available I would pursue courses in those topics. I recall researching clients’ issues and needs and in doing that I would learn about treatment options. That led me to pursue much of the postgraduate education I did. At one time I thought that my work didn’t have a “rhyme or reason”- I had use the phrase hodgepodge. I had acquired a skill set as I had gone along without a grand plan in mind. This reflection also led me to the conclusion of “mosaic”.

Over the years I’ve developed a proficiency in various therapeutic massage techniques for stress management, pain reduction, and improve function. I am in advanced craniosacral therapy practitioner through the Upledger Institute. I also offer Lymph Drainage Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching (I’ve worked with the founder and developer Aaron Mattes, in his clinic here in Florida), EFT/Tapping, kinesiotaping, basic reflexology and cupping therapy. I also offer services that have a “spa” quality, but also provide substantial therapeutic value, like hot stone massage and herbal body wraps. I incorporate Young Living Essential Oils in my practice and offer classes on how to easily, effectively and affordably incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle.”

Why is this the right business for you?

“After 22+ years as a massage therapist and bodyworker I still love what I do and feel challenged to grow. My business and job never feel like the same old thing. I love interfacing with people. I definitely feel that we crossed each other’s path for a reason, so I openly embrace each encounter. I believe that the opportunity to interact with another person so closely is a privilege that I honor.

I also love the intricate, complicated people we each/all are with all of the layers and components that contribute to what we’re currently experiencing. That’s where the concept of “mosaic”developed. I believe that we’re made up of a changing mosaic as we have different experiences in life. Sometimes it’s as straightforward as chronic neck pain as a result of our desk jobs-a component of our unique life mosaic. Other times a person’s current experience is more involved than that, providing an opportunity for a “mosaic” of therapeutic modalities that address the physical along with the possible emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who we are.

I enjoy the challenge that this career provides in meeting the needs of the individuals coming to me, and the creativity it allows.”

Do you have any advice for a fellow woman getting started in a new business?

“Definitely, DO IT! Know that as long as you keep at it, whatever “it” is, it will work out. Get and stay organized from the beginning. Asked for help and accept it. Know what the priorities of your business are and focus your time and energy on those things. Don’t get distracted with busy work.”

What challenges have you faced in your business?

“Being organized and having a system-for advertising, social media, networking, contacting clients. Having a system, getting things DONE rather than keeping an on going to do list and dealing with financial issues are some of my challenges.”

What are some benefits of what you do?

“I am deeply committed to supporting a person’s need and ability to connect with themselves and to pursue self-care, however that looks for that person. Having a dedicated time to focus on themselves, their feelings, their body’s current feelings. Allowing a person (me) to provide one-on-one dedicated care is a huge step towards connection and wellness. It can open the door and offer support to a whole world of positive change. Specifically, what I do helps people feel better. They have less pain, can function better and more fully, use their bodies better. Feeling better changes lives- their own and those with whom they interact (children spouses neighbors). I love what I do!”

What are your goals as you continue?

“I have some business/personal goals along the lines of simplifying, prioritizing and working and living smarter, not harder. Eliminating distractions and to quit being “busy” are part of that.

As a therapist I am pursuing my certification in reflexology and intend to offer classes in that. I have some Thai massage classes lined up to take myself and I am looking into incorporating microcurrent technology in massage therapy. And I’ve always had an interest in reactivating my personal trainer’s certification so that I might be a better position to offer therapeutic exercises.

I also want to hold more regular and consistent classes in essential oils and their practical uses in modern life. And..I’ve thought about pursuing some type of nutrition certification. (I told you I love education!!). As I read through this paragraph I realize that these desires/goals develop as I have this almost constant thought and feeling of “What do people need? How can I help them?”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“ONE?! I guess I’ll pick (in general) all the times I’ve actually heard some variation of “I haven’t felt this good in I don’t know how long”. I LOVE being a part of that!!!”

I want to say a big thank you to Jamie for talking to me today! As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, you can find Jamie at the MomBoss event this Friday, October 5th at Reruns 4 Little Ones. You can also contact her to discuss her services on her website or on her Facebook page

Come on back next Monday for the last participant of this MomBoss event I will be talking to. It’s the finale to these last few months of sharing these local mom entrepreneurs in this particular event. In no way is it the finale of talking to incredible women in business..I’m just getting started!! Janet

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