The MomBoss series- Amy Huchla

Welcome back to the MomBoss Series! It’s been a blast being a part of this event in event in Tampa. The MomBoss event is a pop up shop event at Reruns 4 Little Ones that runs from the beginning of summer through the fall. This event was created several years by a MomBoss herself, the owner of Reruns, to showcase moms in business. I have had the pleasure of chatting with several of the participants of this event over the past few months and today I’m sharing one of this week’s presenters with you.

As I type this I’m up ridiculously early sipping coffee as the rest of my family sleeps. It got me thinking about moms like myself and today’s spotlighted woman. Moms who find these moments to work on their businesses in order to be present for their children when they awake. The night owls and the early birds. The women who work while the kids nap or in the car pick up line at school. We fit the work around our kids not our kids around the work. I find inspiration in this-that there are other woman like me trying to make it all happen in the 24 hours a day we are given.

So let me introduce you to Amy Huchla. She is a wife, mom, and businesswoman. She sought out a business that she was passionate about but also that allowed her to be the mom she wanted to be. Please join me as I chat with Amy about her family, her business and why so is passionate about the company she works with. Here are Amy’s words, unedited and unfiltered:

Tell me a little about yourself and your family:

“I married my husband Tim almost 5 years ago. We’ve been together almost 8 years. Tim and I have two kids together-Jason who is 3 and Emma who is 1. I also have a stepson Landen who is 10. I’m constantly on the go while trying to keep up with my goals.

I’m a stay at home mom to the two littlest ones. I also create all kinds of custom pieces as well from decor to clothing.”

Tell me about your business:

Thirtyone Gifts is an awesome company to work for. They give so much back to the community and are really all about empowering women. I have been with them for a year and a half. There is range of products from decor to organizational items. We also can do custom purses, totes, jewelry to personalize it just for you.”

I love their products, I love staying at home with my kids and I love sharing things that I love with those I love.”

What made you decide this was the right business for you?

“I’ve loved their products for years and I also needed to do something to continue staying at home. Plus my husband can’t complain when I’ve got a new bag, it’s part of the job!”

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started in a new business?

“Stay consistent, don’t take no for an answer, give it your all. If you give it your all, no matter what you will have accomplished something. Learn all that you can-about your product, your customers, yourself. Be willing to see your shortcomings and create goals for yourself to become better. Stay honest with yourself and your customers, you can almost never go wrong with honesty and transparency in small business.”

What challenges have you faced in your business?

“I am constantly fighting the clock, I have a hard time balancing everything consistently but I’m getting better a day at a time. I get to hear all the time, how many bags does one person need? The answer is an infinite amount, if you’re wondering. I also get to hear about how the larger chain stores are now selling similar bags, for less. The biggest issue with this is A-the quality isn’t there and B-is that store going to send you a Thank You card for supporting them on this journey? Are they going to know how much you loved XYZ so when it’s on sale they can let you know? No, they don’t care. As a small business owner each purchase greatly affects my family’s situation so I’m going to remember you and your support.”

What are some benefits of what you do?

“Being a ThirtyOne consultant isn’t just about having the newest bag or tote, it’s about giving back to your community. ThirtyOne has really set the bar to succeed by giving back to those around you, and empowering their consultants and having the best products on the market. I haven’t been to a conference yet, but my team members have and they put in so much work while they are making up these bags that get donated to women in need. I get to do fundraisers for friends that maybe have a kid in chorus and they need some funds. I get to throw a party for a fellow mom who needs a fun girls night and a way to get a new purse to boost her confidence that her husband won’t be mad over. I get to set my own hours. I can raise money for basically anything I want and I can give back a little bit confidence to those who just feel better with the right bag on their shoulders.”

What are your goals as you continue?

“I would love to build the team below me, and empower some other women to create their own goals and hit them! Our company offers a ton of incentives for you as you grow with the company and I’d love to be able to take my family on an all expense paid vacation as well!”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“The best memory I’ve made so far with Thirty-One is from the first fundraiser I did. It was for a close friend of the family and her son’s High School Chorus. I was able to show them support while doing something I love. It was a great feeling to give them money towards getting to be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.”

I want to say a big thank you to Amy for sharing her business with us today. You can find Amy at the Reruns 4 Little Ones event on September 25th. You can also contact her on her website to learn more about what ThirtyOne has to offer.

I’m looking forward to you next Monday for the next BossMom! We are now officially in fall but the event continues a bit longer and so will my conversations with the ladies that are a part of it. Janet