Step Into September with Sandra Calkins- How to Include Your Children in Your Work Out..It Can Be Done!!

Hello friends! Welcome back to Give Me The Details! Every Friday this month I’m inviting you to join me to Step Into September with ideas on how to step into this fall on your best foot.

I’ve recently knocked the summer dust off my running shoes and started working out again after a busy summer break being a full time mom. Daily full time moms-you have my respect and my heart! You always have had both and always will! Self care as a mom is challenging in and of itself but a bit easier when you have moments to focus on yourself during the school day. How do you do it, how do you fit it in when there is no “break”?

During the school year my kids are both in school and when the summer comes so does the daily extra hats of motherhood. There’s chauffeur, entertainment director, short order cook (the kitchen was ALWAYS open), play date coordinator and sunscreen application specialist just to name a few added hats of my job description. My daily exercise once pretty consistent evolved into jumping into the shower as fast a possible (jumping and running are exercise) and carrying everyone’s everything in my very heavy suitcase sized purse (lifting weights). I enjoy being with them, I truly do, but my focus in summer..well let’s just say it’s not on self care!

Now that our school schedule has returned I felt it was time to return to my own schedule on school days. I will still spend time on household responsibilities-part of the job description. I will still carve out time to write-because I enjoy our conversations and obviously I hope you do too (you’re here now so that’s a good sign). I also want to find time for those pieces of day set aside for me-for my health, my sanity, my general well being.

As I’m figuring it all out I began to think of the non-seasonal full timers and the working mamas too. How can we help you carve out your time too? Better yet how can we include your kiddos in the process? That way when you get a kid free moment you have already seen to your work out and can do one of the following:

*Eat sitting down

* Watch a television show with no cartoon characters..and maybe a random swear word thrown in for effect..anything above a G rating is the goal!!

* Linger over a glass of wine and an InStyle magazine (Just me? This is a personal favorite)

* Have a moment to hear your own thoughts and organize them

This is my goal for you, you deserve it. We all, moms everywhere, are putting in those hours into a “job” we are passionate about-raising amazing little people we love with every fiber of our being that will someday change the future of this world. This “job” could not be more important!

So in the vein of motherhood, self care, and working out while combining the two I want you get reacquainted with an inspiring mom! She is my go to for #goals in fitness and the six pack I occasionally daydream about. She is also an incredible support both in her profession and in her friendship. She believes in you and she knows you can do whatever you set your mind to. This is who she is and I can’t think of anyone better to talk to about this subject so..

Speaking of friends and best feet-my friend Sandra puts both of her feet to good use daily. You may remember Sandra Calkins from her Stay At Home Moms That Inspire article that published in June. Sandra is a trainer at Burn Boot Camp and a mom to a sweet 2 year old little girl, Emily. I reached out to Sandra to see if she had some ideas on how to involve little ones in working out and did she ever deliver! She was kind enough to make a video for all of you showing you some at home exercises, including warm up that you can do. Her daughter, Emily also makes her debut on the blog today appearing with Sandra in the video! Please have a watch to find some great suggestions!

As Sandra suggests in the video, you should listen to your body. If a move is too much for a new or recovering mom-don’t do it! If you want to save the link to this video here it isn’t:


*Have them be your coach. Hold your feet as you do sit ups, count your reps, cheer you on

* Take them for long walks pushing them in the stroller or pulling them in a wagon. You can also find a stroller club and walk with other moms and tots in your area

* Have them do some yoga with you. This is a personal fave in our house. My kids love to do yoga with me at home. We use for age appropriate workouts that they really enjoy.

* Here in Florida many of us have pools. If your child is old enough and a proficient swimmer have them swim laps with you. You can also do aqua yoga or aerobics with them. Another idea is to bring water weights into the pool and use them while you supervise your children swimming.

* Have a family dance party. Turn on music the whole family enjoys and dance together. You can burn upwards of 450 calories an hour with vigorous dancing.

I want to say a big thank you to Sandra (and Emily) for once again joining me today and putting together such an awesome video for other mamas! You can find her at Burn Boot Camp as a trainer in Westchase and soon she will be be branching out to other cities as she said in the video. Her next accomplishment will be to open a Burn Boot Camp in Palm Harbor by the end of the year! I’m so proud of her!

A big thanks to you too readers for tuning in this week for another installment in the Step Into September series! We have learned about couponing, organizing, working out..but what will we learn next week? Tune in next Friday to find out! Janet