The BossMom Series-Deanna Courchane

Welcome back to Give Me The Details! What Is the definition of being a MomBoss? In my opinion, it means a mother who is a multitasker. A dreamer who works hard while balancing it all. It can also define a mother who isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone to start a business that works on her terms, with her family’s needs in mind.

Last month, I shared the story of Alexandra Graham, who created the MomBoss event right here in Tampa. This event takes place from summer through fall at Reruns 4 Little Ones and showcases moms and their chosen businesses each week. I am thrilled to be interviewing some of the women participating-I love the idea of moms supporting moms, in business or otherwise.

Today I’m talking to Deanna Courchane, owner of Remi’s Crafts n Creations. She is a mother of two girls, a wife, and a lover of bling. Deanna brings sparkle, glitter and a lot of playful fun to the pieces she creates. As a mom of a daughter around the same age as one of her daughters, I relate so much to Deanna. At the age our girls are they can’t help but inspire the love for that bling!

Do we ever really grow into women who don’t appreciate it? I don’t think so and neither do Deanna’s shoppers. Some days a bit of sparkle gives us a lift in the morning and a smile later in the day. It can make us feel unique, special and be that one thing that is ours that day. We give as mothers, we give so much. When it’s time for coffee or that glass of wine we deserve to be celebrated and to celebrate our victories big and small. (Personally coveting the Give me wine and tell me I’m pretty wine glass she makes..need it in my life!!).

So please join me as I talk to a woman that really sparkles, both in her creations and her words. Let’s talk to Deanna, unedited and unfiltered:

Tell me a little about yourself and the type of MomBoss you are:

My name is Deanna, I’m a former nurse turned small business owner and stay at home mom. My husband Joe and I have two little girls ages 7 and 3. They keep us very busy with dance and gymnastics. My shop is called Remi’s Crafts n Creations.  Joe does all the wood working for my shop, along with his full-time job and the kids, he stays pretty busy too. We love bike riding as a family, swimming and having family cooking nights. I’m a busy BossMom. My days are always jampacked!

I put my career as a nurse on hold after my second child was born so I could stay home with my children. I am now a full-time stay-at-home mom and a full-time small business owner. I have been a stay at home mom for two years.”

Tell me about Remi’s Crafts n Creations:

“I specialize in home decor and custom drinkware. I love the glitz and my shop shows just that! I have glitter tumblers, wine glasses, and coffee cups. I also make wood signs with the farmhouse flair. I don’t make anything that I, myself, wouldn’t love!”

What is one thing you love about this business?

“This business allows me to express my creativity and create custom pieces that bring joy to hundreds of clients all while allowing the flexibility of being a mom and being around for important moments in my children’s lives. The business is named after my two children, it is a combinations of their first names.”

If you’re doing business, why not include a nod to your most treasured people?

”You get me, I love that you thought that.”

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started in a new business?

“For a fellow mom wanting to start a business, I would say to go for it! Be easy on your goals at first. Know that success isn’t measured by huge milestones but by small daily achievements. I would also say to link up with other small business mamas to get their advice, brainstorm together, help support one another, and vent about mom and business duties.”

What are some benefits of what you do?

“Owning my own business has so many benefits. I would say the biggest benefit would be being able to make my own schedule.”

What challenges have you faced in your business?

“ Challenges in a small business come up often. I think a big challenge for me as a small business owner is making sure that I am splitting my time evenly between the business, mom duties, household responsibilities and maintaining friendships.”

What are your goals as you continue?

“ My goal for the future of my business is GROWTH. Personal growth, growth in my online followers, and growth in the products I create and sell.”

What made you decide this was the right business for you?

“The business came so organically, and all just made sense for me and my family. It’s the perfect way for me to express myself creatively, do what I love and be available to my family and their needs.”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“My daughter had a questionnaire at school once, it said “What does your mom do?” She wrote “She makes beautiful things for her shop and customers and when I grow up I want her to teach me to make beautiful things for own shop!”  It was such a proud moment for me, that my daughter values the work I do and wanted to be a creative BossMom too.”

Deanna’s photos courtesy of a fellow BossMom-Amanda Zabrocki Photography.

I want to say a big thank you to Deanna for talking to me today. When we support mothers in business we also give role models for the next generation like Deanna’s daughter to look up to. We show them more possibilities. We show them they don’t have to choose motherhood or business but have the choice to choose both.

If you would like to see some of the pieces Deanna and her husband create you can visit the shop’s Facebook page or on Etsy at She is on Instagram as well @remiscraftsncreations. You can also come and meet her this Wednesday, September 12th from 10-2 during the MomBoss event at Reruns 4 Little Ones.

I hope you will continue to tune in to this MomBoss series on the blog for more participants in the coming weeks. If you are a MomBoss (a woman/mom in business) yourself or know someone who is and would like to talk about a future spotlight, please feel free to contact me! Janet