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Welcome back to Give Me The Details!! I’m so glad you’re joining me today because I’m talking about one of my favorite subjects on the blog-Moms in business. This particular series-the MomBoss series is very special to me and I’m thrilled to be a part of covering this event and the women participating in it! The MossBoss event here in Tampa is an event that runs from the beginning of summer through the fall at Reruns 4 Little Ones. It was started by the owner of Reruns (a mom in business herself) as a way to showcase other mothers and their businesses. I love the idea of women and moms supporting one another!

I want to introduce you to a fabulous MomBoss-Cindy Bartimus. Cindy is a wife, mom of two and basically one of the busiest gals ever! She’s a make up artist, beauty rep and as you’ll soon find out-has many other things on her plate as well. One of the things I love about talking to her is how her curiousity and drive comes through in what she says. She’s willing to put in time and effort in every facet of her life. She realizes you need to give to get. She also gives off the aoura that she is unafraid of challenges, more that she thrives on them. I am always awed by women like Cindy who go into a day ready to take it on full force. So please join me and come listen to her story:

Tell me about yourself and your family:

“ I have two boys, Kent age 5 and Wayne age 2. My husband Zaylon, is a firefighter with Tampa Fire Department. He teaches paramedic/EMT with Pasco Hernando State College and he picks up occasional shifts at our local YMCA (he really loves his career!). We just moved into our forever home so we have lots to do around here. I’m fully immersed in building things, paint schemes and decorating (my husband is pretty grateful I limit my demands of him to just the heavy lifting..haha). In addition, I have appointments to do make up, attend vendor events and currently I’m writing a book. If I read as much as I do..why not write too?”

Tell me a little about your business:

“As a freelance makeup artist, I do all sorts of makeovers and teach make up application classes. I offer one on one consultations, group classes and special events.  I have children don’t mind if children are present when I have appointments. I primarily use Maskcara beauty products to which I also sell. I started with Maskcara Beauty On May 5, 2017.”

Tell me more about Maskcara Beauty:

Almost 2 years ago I came across this foundation looking for make up they didn’t cover my freckles. It was relatively inexpensive and the return policy was great so I figured I’d give it a shot. I LOVED the foundation! Creamy but not oily. Lightweight. Didn’t clog my pores and looked super natural.

Then in January 2017, Cara the founder, converted her e-commerce into a direct sales company.  I didn’t want to go down the road of another DS business but something tugged at me to look into it. Cara is amazing! She is the woman we all want as a BFF and she genuinely cares about her company and all those that work with it. The comp plan was amazing and you never carry inventory. You don’t ship anything, it was basically everything I wished I had in my boutique that I was in the middle of closing.  All I had to do was make overs. Which is way fun! So sure, let’s do this!”

Why should women try the Maskcara products?

“There’s every reason why! It simplifies your routine. I went from 45 minutes to 10 (5 minutes if I’m in a rush). It doesn’t clog your pores or ruin your skin and it enhances your features that you love and can hide the ones you don’t. Without  having to YouTube it to figure out how to use it you can have everything you need in one compact. It’s cruelty free and paraban free. Gosh, there are so many reasons to try it. Oh, and that return policy- try it and if you don’t love it, return it for a FULL refund. Simple- so really no reason not to try it. “

Is this your only business?

“I also stay at home with my two boys while my husband works as a firefighter. This leaves only a few available days for me to “work”. This is my main job other than staying at home. I provide make up classes, do bridal, prom and special occasion makeovers. I also do TONS of other jobs. I’m constantly being commissioned by friends to do random projects.”

Why is this the right business for you?

I’m also a seamstress, and had my own boutique, but started to get burnt out. Once I started doing make up I was able to be more creative. I was allowed to thrive artistically.  I already loved the make up and already referred friends to this brand. I even applied make up for friends all the time. Why not actually get paid for it? My schedule became easier to manage, which is great with kids! And my income was an actual income. No need to pay for materials or inventory. Now when I talk to clients we actually talk! We chat about families, life and they open up to me. I’m able to help them feel beautiful and special occasions or teach them how to use make up properly. I’ve always wanted a job where I help people. And this is it.”

What are some of your favorite Maskcara products?

”That’s an easy one-my cleansing system. It used to be my most hated but Maskcara has a pretty amazing three-step system. The moisturizer would be my ultimate favorite of the three because it also doubles as a rash cream for the kids. Other than the cleansing system Maskcara’s highlight foundation Amber I love. I just put my ring finger in the color and pat it under my eyes. My dark circles disappear like magic. If I need to leave the house and don’t want to spend five minutes on my face, I at least do this.”

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started?

“It’s not easy. Start at the beginning. Register your business. If you’re starting your own thing make sure you are compliant. If you’re starting a MLM-DO RESEARCH. There are some great direct selling companies out there, but also some really bad ones. Don’t be fooled. Also, you make as much money as you are willing to work for it.”

What are some benefits of what you do?

“I get to stay home with my boys. I am able to provide extra income to our household usually for play things, like Disney passes!! I get to meet new people all the time. I’m a part of all sorts of special occasions. I get to hear some incredible stories from beautiful people.”

What challenges have you faced in your business?

“Maskcara Beauty is a newer company. Not many people know about the products, therefore are more hesitant to try it. Luckily, once they do they love it and spread the word!”

What are your goals as you continue?

“My goal, really, is to have fun. But also to have enough income on my own to pay the mortgage. That would sure make my husband happy! I’d also love to be able to lead a larger team than I do now. Not only to help women start their own businesses, but actually thrive in it.”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“When a photographer referred her bride to me for make up. If I photographer refers you for make up, you know you’re doing a pretty amazing job.”

I want to give a big thank you to Cindy for chatting today. If you’d like to learn more about Cindy’s work as a make up artist or the Maskcara Beauty line you can find her on Instagram @bartilife or on her Facebook page You can also come say hello to her this Wednesday August 15 at the MomBoss event at Reruns 4 Little Ones.

I hope you’ll keep following along as I talk more lovely ladies that are participating in this great event over the coming weeks. You can also visit other articles here to read about other previously interviewed participants, including the owner of Reruns-the creator of this amazing event for women in business to be showcased. Until the next Boss, friends! Janet

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