MomBoss Karen Ploch, Premier Designs Jewelry

Hi all and welcome back to Give Me The Details! One of my favorite subjects to talk about here is amazing moms in business. Have you ever thought that you needed a change in your working life? Is your professional life interfering with your personal life? The mom today felt that way, she was overwhelmed in her career and not having the motherhood experience she wanted. She decided to make a big change and it has literally changed her life for the better!

I want to introduce you to Karen Ploch-mom first, that she makes very clear. Also a wife, daughter and business woman. As I spoke with her, it became obvious that she knows she is exactly where she’s supposed to be. She believes in her family and she believes in her business. She has faith, joy and confidence that she has made the right choices for her family. Karen has had several travel opportunities as a result of choosing this company but she has also had many opportunities to be right here for her children too. She is so down to earth and transparent about where she was, is now and hopes to go.

Karen is one of the participants of the MossBoss event at Reruns 4 Little Ones. This event was started by the owner of the boutique as a way to showcase other moms in business and the event runs from the beginning of summer through fall. I am excited to be a part of showcasing these ladies too and I have the pleasure over the next couple of weeks of interviewing several of them.

Please join me now as I speak to Karen about her family and her business in her own words, unedited and unfiltered:

Tell me about yourself and your family:

”My husband and I have been married for 11 years, we have two children. Our son is 9 and our daughter is 5. I love music, cooking, and travel. I am a diehard Gator fan. When it’s not football season, we typically spend our weekends at Disney World. We have a lot of family friends in the mountains of North Carolina so we visit often. I love that I can bring my jewelry and do shows when we visit.”What kind of BossMom are you?

“As far as the kind of boss Mom I am, my family and our home come first. With my husband’s busy work schedule and the kids extracurriculars, I usually work my business in the nooks and crannies of my day. I absolutely love the flexibility I have to do that!”Tell me about your business:

“I am an independent distributor with Premier Designs Jewelry. Our company is family owned and operated and based in Dallas, Texas. We were founded in 1985. Premier Designs was founded and continues to run on biblical principles. We offer high-quality fashion jewelry to suit a wide variety of styles and tastes. Our jewelry is versatile, on trend and very well-made. It is also backed by a fabulous guarantee. I typically sell through in-home jewelry parties, but I also offer virtual parties, style workshops and closet consultations, as many women need help accessorizing.”Why is this the right business for you?

”I researched many direct sales companies before choosing Premier. They were the only ones I found who offered 50% profit (from day one) with no sales quotas and no inventory! They have a great reputation for excellent customer service, stand behind everything they sell with a great guarantee and serve missions here in the U.S. and around the world. They are also long-standing, family owned and debt-free. All of these things added up to absolutely the right choice for us!”

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started in a new business?

“Involve your husband and children as much as possible. Share your goals and your excitement with your husband. Explain to your children why you were doing this. I also give my husband my schedule for the month. He knows when I have events and meetings. They’re on his calendar too. Their attitude towards your new venture will be so important! Also, don’t give up! One of the best things I heard early in my business was from a woman who has been in our company for 30 years. She has grown a VERY successful business during that time. She said “I’m NOT a big fish. I’m a little fish that just kept swimming”. It is so true!”

What are some benefits of what you do?

”All jewelers earn 50% of everything they sell at retail price! In addition to that, we receive a 50% discount and free shipping on all personal orders. I’ve also made so many wonderful friends through my Premier Designs business and have taken some fun trips. But, the most wonderful benefit is that my little jewelry business allows me more time with my children. It allows me to be the mom I’ve always wanted to be. That’s the biggest benefit of all!”What challenges have you faced in your business?

”The beauty of my businesses is that it’s mine to do with what I want. There have been times when I was busy having summer fun or enjoying the holiday season and I wasn’t consistently working with my little business. As a result, my business suffered. I now know I can have the fun, enjoy all the wonders of the holiday season, but still work here and there to keep the ball rolling.”What are your goals as you continue?

”I hope to grow my business by sharing Premier with others. Whether it’s through helping women find their style or start their own jewelry business. I am so grateful for what Premier has done and continues to do in my life and I want to share that with others!”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“My husband traveled to Texas with me for my first Rally (our national convention). During Rally, I walked the stage for several different achievements in my business. My husband was so proud of me and came down to the floor to snag pictures. He even got to walk the stage with me for one of the achievements. It was so special. Then, a couple of months later, I attended a Premier Designs retreat and took a tour of Premier’s home office. I saw MY picture (from one of those stage walks) on the wall at our home office!”Below is a a note from Karen and I think it sums up why she’s passionate about this business:

”Three years ago, when I started this little jewelry business, I had no idea where it would take me or if it would even work. What I did know was that our family needed a change. I was an overwhelmed full-time working mom with two young children. My husband traveled a lot for work-by a lot I mean he was gone Monday through Friday. Every. Week. It was the hardest time in my life. But together we decided to make a change. He changed jobs to be at home more and I left teaching- my true calling. The goal was to do Premier long enough to regroup, devote some time to the kids, regain my sense of self but to then get back to work ASAP. We soon realized Premier was everything we were looking for! They provided the income our family needs, the flexibility I so desperately needed to allow me to be the mother my kids need. I am so grateful for these last three years and my amazing supportive husband. That change changed our lives and we are so excited to see what the next three years bring!!”I want to say a big thank you to Karen for talking with me today! She will be at the MomBoss event at Reruns 4 Little Ones on August 16th and 17th from 11-2. You can also contact her about Premier Designs Jewerly on her website: on her Facebook page:

The MomBoss Event is a great way to support fellow moms in business while shopping for your children at Reruns 4 Little Ones Resale Boutique. You can learn about some great products and maybe get a little something just for you! This event continues every week at Reruns for Little Ones every week through the fall. Stay tuned for more amazing moms like Karen in the upcoming weeks- each of them are ladies who followed their passion in business. Janet