The MomBoss Series-Alexandra Graham, Owner of Reruns 4 Little Ones

Welcome back to Give Me The Details! Today, it is my pleasure to talk to you about an event happening right here in the Tampa area over the next several weeks and to introduce you to the woman that started it. When you’re a mom in business exposure can mean so much, whether you’re just getting started or not!

MomBoss is an event that takes place at the Reruns 4 Little Ones shop each summer. This event was designed for moms with own businesses to showcase that business in front of an existing audience. It can be any business from lipstick to essential oils. From heating and air to chiropractic. From jewelry to photographers, just to name a few types of businesses already signed up to participate in this event. This idea came from the owner of Reruns, Alexandra Graham. Alex is a MomBoss herself-a wife, mother of 2 and business owner. I think this idea is a lovely, generous opportunity for so many women to benefit from this platform.

I’m excited to share more of these MomBoss women in the next few weeks. First, I want to talk to Alex to find out more about her, her store and how the MomBoss event came to be. So please join me as I chat with Alex.

Tell me about your family and the type of MomBoss you are:

”My husband and I met at USF then we lived in New York City while he attended law school. We move back to Tampa, got married and had our first child Madeline in 2008. Shortly after that we decided to leave corporate America and purchased Reruns 4 Little Ones at the same time my husband opened his law firm. His law firm specializes in family law. To say the least the last 10 years have been crazy busy but loving every minute of it. In 2013 I gave birth to our second child, William. Our  interests are simple-running our business and developing the potential of our employees. We love the Tampa Bay community and try to give back through various organizations like the Junior League of Tampa.”

Tell me about your business:

”We are baby, kids, maternity resale boutique. We are mommy owned and mommy operated. We try to set ourselves apart from the franchise store by offering unique and high-end items. We also pride ourselves in customer service. Our customers become family.”

How long have you had this business?

”10 years, I am the second owner. I purchased Reruns when my daughter was 9 months old-she is now 10.”Why was this the right business for you?

“When I had my daughter I was not able to spend any time with her. I had to have her in childcare from 7 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday because of my husband and I’s demanding corporate jobs. I quickly realized that it wasn’t the motherhood experience I wanted for my family. We found Reruns and purchased. Reruns has change my life in so many ways- it literally has given me life. I have the opportunity to mentor employees and build relationships with customers while doing something I love. I will say owning a retail store is not easy but it’s rewarding when things go right.

It was an easy decision- I’ve always wanted to be my own business owner, it’s in my blood. My grandfather owned many successful businesses.”

Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started in a new business?

”Go for it but have a detailed plan and a support group of different professionals who you can lean on and talk through different issues. Also network, network, network. You have to get out there and shake hands and talk to leaders in the community. Pick up the phone and asked someone you respect to lunch or coffee.”When did the BossMom event begin and why did you decide to start it?

“A couple of summers ago, I realize so many of my friends were becoming their own boss by selling various products. I have always been someone who loves to lift and support another mom with my own platform. I offer Reruns for free in exchange for cross marketing. For example, tag yourself at Reruns on Facebook. Tell people about us. I truly believe in organic marketing. Word-of-mouth is the best tool. And the oldest.”

How long does the BossMom event last? From when to when?

”We have typically done it the 10 weeks of summer however, this time we’ve had so much interest we have extended it through the fall.”

Why do think it appeals to so many many women? They seem to rush to participate!

”First of all, it’s FREE!!! It’s easy and you have an audience-our customers and consignors. This is a great event for a new business owner who doesn’t want to commitment of the events.”

What challenges have you faced in your business?

”Many challenges, owning a small business is not easy because you have to know a little bit of everything-you need to be a little bit of an accountant, a little bit of a lawyer, a lot of sales person, a little bit of a web designer. You have many balls in the air and your job is to keep them in the air!”What are some benefits of what you do?

”Benefits-I have two kids and I have a children’s store. Let’s just say Christmas shopping is a breeze.”

What are your goals as you continue?

“My goal is to continue to offer amazing customer service and a place for families to come for great deals. A lot of people have asked me to open a second store. As of right now, I can’t but I never say never.”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“A couple of years ago I lost my right hand, my better half, my sister from another mother, my store manager from the beginning. When we were smaller and slower we pass the days by playing with Madeline. Like skating in the store and “testing” various toys that came in on consignment. I have always been very blessed by my employees. Kat is our new manager-once again we have a lot of fun. I don’t have small ones of my own in the store but we always have the opportunity to play with a littlest shoppers.”

The MomBoss event will continue each week this summer through fall. For details on which participants will be in the shop on which days you can go to the store’s website:  You can also call them at 813-249-1975.

Supporting local moms and their businesses while shopping for your children is an idea I think all mothers can eagerly support! You may even find something just for mama from one of moms sharing their products! I think we all know that shopping with children can sometimes be a challenging endeavor so why not treat yourself? You deserve it!

Tune in next week-I’ll be talking to a fabulous MomBoss about her products and giving the information on when she will be at the event! Janet