The Details I’m NOT Giving-Why I’m Keeping Some of My Family’s Anonymity on this Blog

I’ve gotten a few questions recently on where my family is on this blog. When will I be giving the details on my husband and kids..why haven’t I shown them yet? This is standard practice in the motherhood/family blogging world they’ve said. Well, maybe that’s true…so why haven’t I? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s talk parent to parent for a second.

Blogging is a medium for sharing your thoughts on just about everything. There are bloggers that share their outfits, their lifestyle tips and even really specific details about their families. They include photos as a window into their experience. If we become followers of their posts we are familiar with their children’s names, ages and what they look like. We know their partners well too. They are also featured. To each his own, no judgment. But my friends (I’m new to this blogging thing so many of you reading this actually are my friends/family) I’m breaking the news from the start of this thing I won’t be one of them. Not right now, maybe never.

Yes, I’m excited to do this thing! I’m so glad you’re here! Yes, my 3 lovelies support this 1000% (not a typo) and have been awesome. My son enjoys reading some of the stories I’ve written and my daughter is under the adorable impression that mommy is famous now. Definitely really not the case but again adorable. My husband has been my biggest supporter and really encouraging. I love them beyond description. They are my life. I’m sharing stories from this life with you so they will be a part of that. But….If this is well received (and I’m not banking on it, would be fabulous though), the conversations I want to start I’d love to start with as many that want to join the discussion. Or laugh with me, commiserate, see things from another point of view…all of the above. When I hit publish my words and photos go out into the world. It’s exciting and not a little nerve-racking for me each time…who will read this…are you out there? Are you nodding along or shaking your head? Many thoughts go through a writer’s mind.

This is my thing, this is not the family’s thing. Two of them are too young to know what their thing is yet. They are still figuring it out. I’m watching every moment of this figuring out process as a mama filled with pride.So here’s the deal. Their cute faces will not appear here. Their names will not appear here. You may see a hand, foot or back of the head in a shared photograph. You may also see a cat’s tail…one of our cats likes to jump into photos, repeatedly…weirdo. Because I’ve been referring to them so far as my daughter or my son I may change it up. I may refer to them as my diva or my little philosopher. My mad scientist or my little lady. I’ll keep it interesting. As for my husband, I may call him my Brit or my hubs. My partner in crime or my love. I may even go ode to Carrie Bradshaw and call him Mr. Big. I don’t think he’d hate that…just a guess.

This decision was made before the first article was ever printed on this blog but I’m even more sure it’s the right decision for us after a recent conversation I had with another blogger. She told me a story that made me nervous. A motherhood blogger like myself, she regularly includes photos of her kids on her articles and Instagram posts. By sheer coincidence of being in the right place at the right time she discovered another person in cyberspace had downloaded these images and was using these photos on their own social media claiming that they were their own children. It was so easy for this person to do and there was no reason for my friend to suspect it occurred. This is just one example of what can be done with images posted and information given. I will not take chances with my family’s privacy, safety or security. I just won’t. Plain and simple.

I’ll always try to make sure there’s a cute picture of something and hopefully some words you wanna read too. Hopefully you’ll like ALL the words…that’s the goal!!So let’s talk about those details big and small. I want to! If you’re related to me or a member of my tribe be certain I’ll keep sharing specifics like I always have but…not here. Not now.

If you’re sharer like me I hope you will share a blog I’ve written you enjoy with your friends! I hope you’ll talk about this blog. By all means encourage those I don’t know to get over here and join the conversation too. I welcome it with open arms. I’m also just living in the now of it all and enjoying those that are here.

Feel free to comment on this or any other thing I write, comment late enough and I’ll be holding a glass of wine while we talk. I’ll even cheers you!! Janet

Dedicated to Amanda B-a fellow blogger who has supported me as I begin this incredible journey and encouraged me that trusting my motherly gut is never the wrong choice. May we all have a brilliant support system when we are finding our voice like this lovely lady.


  1. WOW just WOW! I don’t think I’ve related to a post this much since I started my blogging journey. I to do not post pictures of my partner or child through my own choice. I do not disagree with people that do as I think it’s personal choice. But I absolute love your honesty with this post. Being told that my blog wouldn’t be a success because my kids aren’t shown is a total myth. I have been able to successfully collaborate with brands without showing my child. Thank you for this. Just what I needed.

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  2. I hear you loud and clear! There are no full facial photos of our baby girl on social media/my blog and I don’t share her (or my husband’s name). So glad I’m not the only one!

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  3. If and when our kids are old enough to be on social media we will discuss it as a family. I think kids deserve to grow up out of media spotlight and I’m glad to hear other parents agree!


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