MomBoss-Ashley Kramer, Master Stylist

Hi friends! Welcome back to Give Me The Details! I am very excited to be talking to one of the participants of the MomBoss event happening through fall at Reruns 4 Little Ones here in Tampa. The event was started by the owner (a MomBoss herself) of Reruns as a way to showcase other moms who have their own businesses. It is a pleasure to be a part of showcasing many of these ladies here on the blog as well over the next few weeks.

What does it take to be a MomBoss besides owning a business? In the case of Ashley Kramer it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Ashley is a full time mom in the morning, a stylist in the afternoon and a bartender in the evening. (Are you as exhausted as I am just thinking about this schedule?) She is also a recent transplant to Florida so not so long ago she started all over again in a business she had existing clientele in. She has vision and focus and luckily today she’s focused on talking to me. So please join me as we hear from Ashley:

Tell me a little about your business:

“I am a master stylist, color specialist and educator. I have owned my brand Designs by Ashley since 2009.”Tell me about your family and what kind of MomBoss you are:

”I am constantly striving for more! I’m a go getter, even if it’s the hardest task. I teach my daughter to be self-motivated and entrepreneurial in everything she does. My daughter Illauna is a few months shy of 11 years old. She will be in 6th grade, I can’t stand it (how fast she’s growing). She’s an amazing kid and my son Lamarion is 11 months old. Having such an age gap I was a little scared but I love it! I also have a stepson Robbie a great kid is well and he’s 9. My partner Rob and I have been together for six years and it feels like yesterday.

My work hours are demanding and not ideal. However, everything I do is for our family and my work schedule is flexible enough so my family ALWAYS COMES FIRST! Being a MomBoss-the freedom alone is why I work so hard!”Why is this the right business for you?

”I love the art. I am a free spirit and my mind just zones out creatively when I’m with my clients. I love to imagine something and see it created at the end! I love my clients like family, they have become family to me. There’s nothing more rewarding than having a woman come into my salon maybe not so confident and leaving a brand new woman.

Ever since the 6th grade, I was always doing all my friend’s hair for school dances. I had curlers in my hair for hours! I was the last to be dressed and ready for everything because I took care of them first!”Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started in a new business?

”Never give up it will take more out of you to throw in the towel with regret then it will to chase your dreams! My grandmother always told me “There is nothing more consistent than change.” I live by that every day!”What challenges have you faced in your business?

”My biggest challenge was moving to Florida, pregnant and starting from scratch! I had full books in my salon in Pennsylvania. One day we decided we were ready for a change, packed up a truck three months after deciding and moved to Florida. Scary, yes! We didn’t know anyone! No family. I was my own boss for so long, working for someone, drove me bat crazy. I knew I needed my own place. After a year of being in Florida, having the baby, bouncing from two salons, I decided it was time. I had maybe 10 people I worked with on a regular basis through my home. I jumped and have not looked back! Challenges happen, it’s what you do that get you the results!”

What are some benefits of what you do:

”I have met some amazing men and women during the course of my work. I enjoy these friendships and the time we share together.”

What are your goals as you continue?“Goals, so many!! I can’t speak on those, a few are in the works, but one of my goals is to have a second salon.”Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

”Weddings! Weddings are my love! I create something that will last forever for awesome women who deserve the world and have beautiful pictures of their hair on their special day!”

A big thank you to Ashley for the interview! I am so in awe of her perspective and dreams! If you’d like to contact Ashley you can find her on her Facebook page Or you can find her on instagram @salonloftashley.You can also come say hello to her at the MomBoss event today, July 25th from 1-4 at Reruns 4 Little Ones. I look forward to speaking with the next participant next week and sharing her story with you! Until the next time! Janet

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