All Welcome Here-The Stay at Home Moms that Inspire Series Is Expanding..Wanna Join Me??

Welcome back friends! I want to start today’s blog with a thought..Is there ever too much inspiration? Can a person ever be overly inspired?

I started the Stay at Home Moms That Inspire series in part because I wanted to spotlight women just like me. Stay at home moms who were following their passion while still being a full time mother. As some of you know, I’m new to this whole following your passion thing. Raising children has been and continues to be my passion but I felt brave enough to believe I could try to follow this passion for writing too. After all, moms are no amateurs to juggling and multi tasking, we do SO much each day. So as I approach age 41 years strong, what was I waiting for? The time was now!

I have loved spotlighting ladies like myself, in the same place in life. I have been tremendously inspired and continue to be with each story. The creativity of ideas, the advice they’ve given, the hard work they put forth in all aspects of their lives and the generosity to share this has been incredible. I do not want to this series to end, I could write it forever and be ecstatic.

In the process of this series coming together I have meet many new women that don’t exactly fit the mold of stay at home mom, because they aren’t. I also know other women-friends, other bloggers, acquaintances, friends of friends that are incredible women too! There are also those I don’t know, I have no doubt they are out there. All of these ladies also have amazing stories to tell, their own insight to give and are equally deserving of the spotlight.

I asked myself today a big question, don’t I want this to be an inclusive blog? Don’t I want this to be a place for everyone to be heard and to be equally inspired? We have so much as women that we can learn from each other, there is commonality even among our differences. We are daughters raising daughters (or sons) in a time where so many are saying “Times up!”, woman want their voices to be heard and they should be!! We also want our male counterparts to listen and maybe some of them have something to say too. This is a blog that is about motherhood absolutely, but also other subjects as well-lifestyle, everyday awesomeness, love and friendship and more.

So I’m opening it up now for all stories that inspire, my arms are spread wide to receive these stories! If you’ve got one I’m here to listen. I’m here to talk and start a discussion. I’m here to give a spotlight to ANYONE with an amazing story. Wherever you are, whoever you don’t have to be a mom, you don’t have to stay at home, you don’t have to be anything other than you. Stay at home moms I still want to spotlight you, I will never NOT want to spotlight you but all are now welcome here!! It will still be unedited and unaltered in most cases and the series will now be called simply The Moms That Inspire Series..I may even change it to the Inspiration Series..I don’t know what will happen yet but I hope you’ll stick around and we’ll find out together!

This is a time for coming together and welcoming all to join the discussion. If you have a story to tell-reach out to me. If you know someone who does-tell them to reach out to me too. If I know you and think you’re fantastic I’m warning you that you’re fair game to be reached out to..maybe you won’t be into it but that won’t stop me from asking…kinda hoping you will be into it though!!

I want to get those details..I want to share those join me in the conversation. Let’s talk about the details..big and small. The first sentence I ever typed on this blog was exactly this..and I mean it!! And go…