Movie Themed Gift Basket Ideas..Let’s Go To The Movies!!

Gift giving can be tricky for some people. You don’t want to give yet another candle or gift card but ideas run short. You see things and wonder if it’s the right size or if your recipient already has one? It doesn’t have to be tough to give a creative present! I love a fun at home themed movie night, don’t you? I also love putting together gift baskets for birthdays and special occasions! I thought why not combine the two loves and give some fun movie themed gifts? Today, I’m sharing with you a few I’ve made and giving the details on the themes and what they contained. Let’s go to the movies…This basket was one I put together for a friend’s recent birthday. I wanted to theme it to Friendship Movie Style. It was really fun to come up with movies I thought she would enjoy and a couple I thought she might not have seen.

For the record Girls Just Want To Have Fun is a classic! If you haven’t seen this fun 1980’s film, you should!

It contained:

Girls Just Want To Have Fun DVD

The Women DVD

Miss Congeniality and Two week’s notice combo DVD

Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion DVD

Two boxes of movie snacks

A box of microwave popcorn

Two glass bottles of classic Coke

I found the movie clapboard on Ebay and just cut and taped the paper to size. The date is of course her birthday. Scene is the age she was turning and the take is Day 1 of that new year. All movies found on Amazon. Treats are grocery store purchases.Here is another example of a basket I made for another friend. It’s a Night In With Audrey Hepburn. I found this cute book called in fact-A Night In with Audrey Hepburn! I thought it would be fun for my friend so the inspiration came from the book.This basket included:

The book A night In with Audrey Hepburn by Lucy Holliday

Breakfast at Tiffany’s DVD (which happens to be my favorite movie!)

Audrey Hepburn style sunglasses

Some fun Cheers! Dessert plates

A glass with drink recipes on it

Two bottles of nail polish in shades of Tiffany blue

A couple of face masks for pampering

Some Audrey Hepburn style black silk elbow gloves

The book, dvd, and dessert plates were Amazon purchases. I found the sunglasses and gloves on Ebay. The masks and nail polish came from CVS and the glass was something I stumbled upon at Dollar Tree.This next gift basket was a fun one to put together for a friend that was a fan of all things 1980’s. I went with a Ferris Bueller’s Day off theme for the gift. I found almost everything in it on Ebay, I just typed in Ferris Bueller in the search.This basket contained:

Ferris Bueller quotes coffee mug

Sausage King of Chicago tee shirt

Save Ferris pin

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off DVD

A hot wheels car from the’s Ferris’s sister Jeanie’s FieroThis mug and tee from Ebay were personal favorites from the gift. I also found the DVD, save Ferris pin and car there. All brand new! I found the frame (can’t remember where but any 8×10 would work) and typed up my favorite quote from the movie on my computer and put it in the frame.This is a James Bond themed Moscow Mule basket I made for my husband. I printed out a miniature advertisement for From Russia with Love and framed it. The perfect Bond movie to go with Moscow Mules I think!! Plus, he’s a Sean Connery fan. The HUGE bottle of vodka came from Costco. The copper mugs are from Amazon. I finished it by picking up limes and ginger beer at the grocery.We love James Bond so here’s yet another option for a Bond fan. This gift revolves around testing your movie knowledge. Is your friend really an expert? This gift is built around the Scene It game. I added some popcorn and movie snacks in a cute popcorn container. The James Bond shirt is an Amazon purchase and super fun! Lastly we have a cocktail shaker, a huge jar of olives, some cocktail napkins and a huge bottle of Tangueray (Costco purchase).

I hope you enjoyed these ideas! I really enjoyed putting these basket together and it was fun to share them with you! A movie night with friends can be a great casual evening in. It can also be fun to gift one that screams solo night in like the Tiffany’s basket! For your next gift..why not go to the movies, friends? Questions and comments always welcome! Janet


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