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Welcome back to the Moms That Inspire Series! I absolutely love sharing these women with you and as I’ve mentioned previously I’m inspired every week by what they share with me. It’s an honor to share them unedited and unfiltered with you because I truly believe they speak so well on their own. I believe the depths of creativity moms possess are unparalleled. We can create a science project out of things lying around the house or a diorama on the fly. We entertain, amaze and inspire daily!

Each women’s own personal inspiration for starting their business in this series has been different. Some have been born from their own experiences as parents. The mom in today’s article was in this particular situation. She had sewn in the past but it wasn’t until her third child was born that inspiration truly struck for her business. Have you ever really wanted to find a certain outfit for your child and have found that it was either very expensive or impossible to find at all? Maybe a special birthday was coming up with a theme or you wanted to dress your children in similar outfits and couldn’t find sizing. Jessica has very imaginative children and took their vision and ran with it.Jessica creates one-of-a-kind handmade dresses, leggings, blankets, pillows and slings as well as hair bows that are incredibly unique and sure to please any special little one. I myself as a parent have been in the situation where I’ve been looking for something specific only to find it was either unavailable or very, very expensive. I admire Jessica’s creativity and making these amazing creations and then turning it into a business so that other children can have their own one-of-a-kind piece made especially for them! She had sewn by hand a lot, she would make dog beds and pillows. Then she got her first sewing machine but didn’t really use it that much. That sewing machine is now in constant use! Please come and meet the very crafty sewing magician-Jessica Butt.

Tell me about your business:

“I started Mia Bella’s Boutique when I had my third baby. I make children’s clothing, blankets, hair bows, slings and much more. Many of my pieces are custom made to order one of a kind items.”How many children do you have and their ages?

”I have 4 children-2 girls ages 11 and 4 and 2 boys ages 8 and 14 months.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for 11 years. I did teach swim lessons at the YMCA for a bit but always had my children with me.”What is your favorite thing about being a stay at home mom?

”I get to be with my kids to see them learn, play and do all the firsts in life. This is where I want to be.”What made you decide to get started and how long did you think about it before you did?

“I had my third child and I wanted her and her sister to have matching outfits for pictures. I also wanted her to be Princess Anna from Frozen for Halloween (big sister would be Elsa). My friend found a pattern for the Anna costume and that’s really how I started. I started from there and made ring slings and blankets and then moved on to clothes. I use mostly Cute Kids Couture patterns (CKC) and just recently added knit for leggings because again, my now four year old loves leggings so it started with her and what she loves.”Do you have any advice for a fellow mom getting started?

”Take your time, don’t worry about what people may say. People can be harsh but you should follow your heart!”

What are some benefits of what you do?

”My kids get to have new one-of-a-kind clothes. I test everything on them, both my boys and my girls. I enjoy giving them unique items they enjoy wearing. My little one loved her Halloween costume so much when I made her Frozen costume that I kept looking and making things to see her smile.”What challenges have you faced in your business?

”Getting orders wrong on occasion. Not making everyone happy even though you’ve given them what they asked for. Also, I’m a busy mom so available time to work is always a challenge.”What have you learned about yourself or your business along the way?

”I can make things that scare me. There were a few things that scared me initially to try to make. I really wanted to make a Princess Poppy dress from Trolls but I was scared to make it because of the layers and the ruffles. Ruffles takes lots and lots of time and lots and lots of practice. Poppy is now the best selling dress that I make.

Also, taking on zippers was initially challenging. My latest fabric to take on is knit and it is hard to work with because you have to use a lot of pins and it moves so much. I actually took on the zippers originally because I wanted to make my kitchen look amazing and I made the pads for my banquet table, now they look exactly how I wanted them to! It’s really a learning process as I go on but after being scared initially I have found a way to create my vision.”What are your goals as you continue?

“I would love to branch out and make more things and maybe one day have a little storefront.”Why part time instead of full time, why was this right for your family?

”I have four kids, they are full-time! I have to put them first. On school days alone I pick up at three different schools with my one year-old in tow.”What would you want your children to know about why mommy does what she does?

“I have stayed home because I love being with them! I love to take them to theme parks and have fun there with them. I started this to bring in extra money. That way we can go to those theme parks and movies and stuff-I started this in part to be able to have extra money to make these memories without worry.

I don’t take my time with my kids for granted. I almost died when my first child was born. I am grateful to be here with them and I want to give them everything that I can within reason.”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

”I have had the same mom come back for four different dresses now. She gives me the theme and I make her girl’s dresses. She gives me plenty of notice and is always so happy with what I make her! It’s the best when someone sends you an email saying how much their child loves the dress or blanket that you made for them.”I want to thank Jessica for chatting with me today! If you’d like to check out more of Jessica’s designs you find her here- 

Thank you for joining me for The Moms That Inspire Series, I hope you’ll come back next week for the next amazing mama. If you’re feeling inspired please feel free to send comments or questions. I also welcome anyone who would like to talk about being featured or nominating someone to be featured in an upcoming article to contact me! Janet

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