Starting a New Venture When You’re a Full Time Mom-Tips & Truths

Hey mama! Has anyone asked how you are today? How are you? I want to start by saying you’re doing a great job. I want to know that someone told you that today. I hate roller coasters but..Motherhood is the exception, there is no better ride to be on!! I love this daily roller coaster ride of emotions, experiences and so much love! My cup runs over with love for these people I share my home with.

I have been a full time mom since my oldest was kicking from inside of me. Every decision I made while pregnant was with him in mind. I wanted to do my best to give him the absolute best start. I let go of thinking in terms of me and instead thought like a future mom. Since then I have been mom first and everything else after that. My mind is consumed with worrying, homework, and incredible memories I hope to make with my children too. I have never wanted to regret later not being the very best mom I could be. We have our amazing days, our so so days and our I wish I could forget this day day’s but each day for 9 years I’ve woken up to start again, hoping to do all I can to raise these little humans right (hopefully with some humor and imagination along the way).Mommy-ing is a full time job. I am always busy and always feeling I’ve dropped one of the balls I’m supposed to be juggling. Despite my efforts and expectations things fall through the cracks. I needed an extra hour that the day did not contain. I needed extra hands and a spare brain to store the items on our checklists, I needed two of me basically. Are you out there relating to this statement, my friend?So why take on something else? Why add another ball to juggle? You already HAVE a full time job after all. Maybe you want to bring in some extra income. Maybe you want to interact among adults for a minute. Maybe you feel this urge you don’t want to fight to follow your passion in a business. Whatever your reasons, you know it’s gonna add to your days and nights. Are you ready? Are you ready to feel overwhelmed and stimulated? To feel brave and scared? To feel mom/wife guilt and the excitement of personal achievement simultaneously?

I have felt on more than one occasion recently that starting a blog right before school let out for summer break was probably not me driving on all cylinders. Shouldn’t I have at least waiting until fall? Was I thinking about what this would mean for my family or what it would mean for me as the CEO of this house? There’s that guilt again and that overwhelming feeling that I am dropping some of those balls. How many times a day is normal for this? 100? 1000?I have interviewed several amazing moms that have followed their passion in business so far. I am inspired by their wisdom and drive..and energy!! I have taken note as they described how they fit their businesses into the nooks and crannies of their days. I am engrossed as they describe how they strive to be present when they are with their children. I listen to how they get up extra early and stay up extra late to work on these ventures.

No mom wants their pace to slow on the things they’ve always been counted on to do. You want to maintain the house, the shopping, the cleaning, the play dates. You want to continue to swim with your kids in the pool for hours and cook real dinners! You are responsible for people, pets, a home and most importantly everyone’s happiness. Your job is the most important there is, in my humble (not so impartial) opinion.

So I want to share some things that may feel true for you in the beginning of venturing into a new business. I want to be honest with you-not to detour you but to give you some insight from my own experience thus far. I’m new and in the thick of it after all! Here are some tips/truths I’ve discovered along the way:*Your mind will be everywhere pretty much constantly. You will have to work even harder to be present with kids and your partner. It’s harder to shut out the noise of ideas, lists and deadlines in your head. I have failed a few times but we are all a work in progress. Tomorrow is another chance. Forgive yourself today and try again tomorrow.

*If you’re trying something in a completely new field to you-remember there IS a learning curve! You can’t learn a new skill in one day, one week, one month or even one year. You will make mistakes and you will feel like an idiot more than once. Just keep researching and asking questions. Be curious, be persistent and be you. This is important-be honestly you, if you don’t know say so! If you’re new say you are, everyone has been the new kid on the block and others will respect your transparency about where you are.

*Be patient! Unfortunately results aren’t always immediate. There is a lot of faith and hard work without a ton of tangible results in the beginning. It’s about the small victories early on! Celebrate every small step in the right direction!

*Have realistic expectations! It’s great to have a plan but make sure it’s achievable and works with your life. We are not in the stage where we can eat, sleep and breathe a business. I proudly say I’m a stay at home mom and THAT is my priority. It’s realistic in my case to publish 1-2 articles a week but not to write every day. Originally my goal was 3 articles a week but that was just too much! I want the content to be worthy of you-my readers and 3 articles a week..well I’m not sure each article would be. I’m also not sure I’d be sane if I was going at that pace!*Be on the same page as your partner. As new as this is for you, it’s the same for them too. Make sure your partner knows you need and appreciate their support in the beginning. They will be your sounding board and probably will be stepping up to help in ways you’ve not yet determined. Cut each other some slack while this process is being figured out. Also keep communicating!! Make sure your partner is part of the journey-the good times and the challenging ones too.

*Trust your gut. On certain days you’ll be able to work more and on certain days you won’t. Life will happen. You have been prioritizing for all of your motherhood “career”- the laundry can wait until tomorrow or I have to go the grocery today-we need milk. You know who needs an extra hug or a special note in their lunchbox. You know too if the house needs your attention because your sock stuck to the floor again. You also know if tonight has to be a late night and that’s when you work on your business. Maybe it’s at 4 am Friday morning before everyone wakes up. We do what it takes. Your gut tells you what has to stay on the to-do list and what doesn’t. It also tells you when to do what-listen to that voice inside you for direction and trust it!

*List the positives. I’m trying something new lately. At the end of my day I used to list all the things I felt I’d forgotten, screwed up or could have improved upon. This makes for a less than restful sleep at night. I am now forcing myself to list things I did well that day before bed. It has made a big difference to my outlook and my sleep patterns. If we don’t acknowledge these things, it’s easy to lose our sense of purpose and self worth. I put smiles on face today, I checked off most of the list, I gave of myself and I’m proud. You deserve this pride, this feeling of accomplishment-own it!!We are not perfect, we are human. Give it all you’ve got with no regrets! Give motherhood all you have. Give to your partner too, don’t forget this relationship! With your new business give it all you have but also give it time and grace! Take the criticism and learn from it and if positive results come-learn from those as well. Life is full of chances and they are ours to grab hold of with both hands. Be mom all day and give it all you’ve got! At night tuck those babies in bed, get in your own bed and keep dreaming! We are our only limit to how high we can dream! Janet

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