Color Day Celebration-Let’s Go RED!

Welcome back to the blog! What are you up to with your kiddos? How about going color crazy? I shared on an earlier post that every summer my kids and I make up a bucket list of things we want to do over the break from school. Two years ago, they asked if we could do a day where it was all about a specific color. I loved the idea!

Today, we are enjoying this year’s color however, that won’s stop me from including you in the fun! Come and share our Color Day from last year-Let’s Go Red!!

The first year they chose purple. We read Harold and the Purple Crayon. Did purple crafts. Wore purple sunglasses, even ate purple jelly sandwiches for was so fun for them! It was also very little effort to create both years. You can set this up in less than 30 minutes!!

Last year when red was chosen and agreed upon I forgot which day I agreed to celebrate and when the morning arrived they remembered and I scrambled to make it happen! Silly mommy! In my defense I’m pretty busy in the summer, do you relate?

Not to be detoured I got to work! The first thing I did was to instruct them both to find red outfits and I did the same. That bought me a few minutes to quickly think up some ideas!

I put in a Clifford the Big Red Dog DVD we had and brought in our red wagon for them to sit in while they watched it. This would buy me at least 30 minutes to set up the rest of the day. (It turned out that was all the time I needed.) Next I went through our art supplies. I compiled every red marker, crayon, pen, ribbon and several pieces of red construction paper for red art time.I found a red tablecloth and some leftover red balloons from a birthday party to blow up. I also added a magnetic board (a toy of my daughter’s) and spelled out Happy Red Day.I figured the kids could play pass the red balloon after art time. I then raided the play room and collected every red toy I could find. The idea was that they could have red free play while I made the morning snack.Time to raid another room-the kitchen! While they were playing with the toys I found all the red kitchen ware we had-a tray, a canister, a bucket..even some red books from the next room. A few other items completed it-an old scale, white bowl and a metal fruit bowl. I checked the fridge, thank goodness I’d gone to grocery the day before! Snack would be strawberries, apples, tomatoes and plums which were reddish.After snack I rummaged around the play room again and found red dress up items. We had a red play and it was fun to see their creativity.At this point it was hot, August and Florida so I told everyone to find a red bathing suit and we went “red swimming”. I felt relieved that they enjoyed it and I redeemed myself at the last minute!Thank you for joining me for Red Day! You can see this is an easy activity to throw together and I have to be honest it is a summer highlight for my kids. They look forward to it. Stay tuned for an upcoming article where I’ll be sharing today’s color activities with you….we’ve choosen Green as this year’s color! Can’t you hear Billie Joe belting out Holiday? That’s how we started the morning. You gotta have Green Day on Green Day friends!! Count on the fact that I’ll be giving you the details!! Janet


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