Stay At Home Moms That Inspire-Trina Ashour, Interior Designer

Welcome back to the series! This is by far one of my favorite things I’ve blogged about so far-inspiring women! Each article of this series has inspired me and given me some great food for thought. I like that I can share the stories unedited and unfiltered because I want you to hear their words straight from the woman who said them!

Today I’m chatting with my friend Trina Ashour, interior designer and all around spectacular lady. We’ve known each other for a couple of years now and there’s a few things I know for certain-she is one of the sweetest and most down to earth people you will ever hope to meet, her children and husband mean the world to her and her talent for design is incredible! She literally blows me away with every photo she shares of her work! When she volunteered to let me talk to her about this series one thing she said says it all about who she is. She said she would talk to help me out not because of any recognition she was looking for. This is who she is to the core-someone you’re lucky to know who will absolutely be there for you if she can. So let’s hear from my lovely friend…

Tell me about your career/business:

“Interior design.”

How many children do you have and their ages?

“Wesley-7, Porter-4, Shiloh-2.”

How long have you been a stay at home mom?

“Since my oldest was born, I have stayed at home and work from home.”

What made you decide to get started and how long did you think about doing so before you did?

“I always wanted to maintain my career/passion even as a mother. Thankfully, I have the type of career that enables me to work from home and keep a little bit of my work life going even while staying at home and not missing out on what is going on with my kids.”

Why are you passionate about it?

“I have loved design since I was a child. I would paint and decorate my room over and over as a kid. Somehow I was just born with it in me. I have always loved making space is pretty and the feeling a person gets from being in a beautiful space. So it has been my passion to provide that for other people who may not have the “eye” for it on their own.”

Do you have any tips or advice for a fellow mom getting started?

“Honestly for me a big part of this is maintaining a part of ME, MY IDENTITY, and part of what makes me tick. So many women get lost in being a mom and forget how to be themselves anymore. So, I choose to keep this in my life to help with remembering who I am and giving myself something that I love. So if you are a mom wanting to get started but hesitant… my advice is to just say yes! We give so much of ourselves to our children every day. It’s OK to give to yourself too. And personally it makes me a better mother when I get time in the week that is focusing on something else. It helps me to be more present and more intentional with my kids.”

What challenges have you faced?

“My challenges have more to do with my life as a military spouse. We have moved so many times that it makes it hard to gain and build clientele. Just when I finally get a good clientele base, I am moving again and have to start right over. I guess another challenge would be in finding care for my kids. Since I create my own schedule and only have short 1-2 hour meetings away from home, I really just need to find babysitters to cover that time. It can be a challenge even with 3 different sitters to always get my hours covered that I need.”

What have you learned about yourself or your business along the way?

“I have learned a lot about my resilience and persistence. I have also learned what is “worth it” and what is not for me. As for business, I learn something new with every single project I get.”

What are some benefits of what you do?

“My main benefit is what doing work does from my heart and soul. I feel productive, accomplished, a part of something in the world. But there are so many benefits! Helping people to love their homes that they spend EVERY DAY in is a big part of why I love what I do.”

What are your goals as you continue?

“I think it is so important to always have goals to grow. One of my main ones right now is to become licensed (nationally recognized as an interior designer). Although the state of Florida does not require it for a residential designer, I plan on studying, testing, and hopefully becoming licensed in the next few years. Another goal of mine is to become published in a magazine. Lastly, since I am relatively new starting up in Tampa, a goal is just to become established with a good clientele base here.”

Why part time instead of full time, why was this right for your family?

“I choose to work part time simply because I want to be with my kids. I don’t want to miss out on their lives and I want to have the ability to attend school events, sporting events, etc. I don’t have to work financially so really my working is for my own benefit. That being said I don’t want to be selfish and work so much that it takes away from my time with my kids. (I understand some people have to work and I certainly am not implying that they are selfish).”

Favorite thing about being a stay at home mom:

“My favorite thing is just the time I get to be around my kids. I feel like I would be missing out on so much if I was away at work all day. I feel like I get to see so much of their lives and be involved in so much more then I would be otherwise.”

What would you want your kids to know about why mommy does what she does? What is your advice to them?

“Really all the reasons I’ve already stated! I would say that it is so important to follow your dreams and passions. That those dreams and passions can be a part of your life even when other dreams and passions take up some of that time as well. In my case, the dream and passion of having children outweighs my work one and always will. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have both in the right balance.”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“Anytime a project is finished and a client comes back to me later with either a picture or just a message sharing the love of their new _____(insert room) is so rewarding. Nothing beats that!”

I want to say a big thank you to Trina for chatting! If you’d like to check out her work you can find her on her Renovate Interior Design Facebook page here or on Instagram @renovateinteriordesign.

If you have any comments or questions for either Trina or I please feel free to fire away! I hope you’ll continue to tune in for more stories of incredible woman like Trina in this series in addition to the other content on the blog. Until the next time! Janet