Wreck-It Ralph Themed Ice Cream Float Play Date

Ice scream, you scream-we all scream for ice cream!! It’s summer and ice cream is a bit of a summer staple in our house. But why include ice cream in one of my summer goals..getting my daughter excited about reading? It was all about fate on this one!!

This time my plan happened a bit backwards. The plan if you remember from my previous Hotel Transylvania article: choose a movie ahead of time, find a book at the library to go with the movie of the week, read the book all week, them watch the movie with a themed celebration of sorts at the end of the week. This week things didn’t exactly happen that way.

We were flicking channels on the television looking for something for my daughter to watch on Saturday night (big brother was sleeping over at a friend’s house) and stumbled upon Wreck-It Ralph. She had never seen the movie before and watched the entire thing mesmerized. She loved the character of Princess Vanillope, in part because her hair was decorated with candy. The next day the decision was easily made that Wreck-It Ralph would be that week’s book choice. Luckily, my trusty local library had my back and with the help of the librarian I found a book-One Sweet Race.

The reading level was higher than her current abilities and the font was not easily readable for a new reader, however. I decided this would be a good opportunity for my son to “tutor” his sister. Each day he read the book to her. It was a chance for them to bond and to my surprise, they both really enjoyed this daily time together. Did she practice her skills much on this book, no but she enjoyed the reading process and that was part of the idea.

All week long I admit I was a bit clueless how I would work in an activity for the end of the week when the movie had already been watched. I briefly considered a game of Candyland..but we play that all the time. We had an upcoming play date scheduled with some friends at our house-since every kid I know is basically hungry every second of summer I was already planning to give them a snack..hmmm the idea formed for a Wreck-It snack!! Yay, this could work!!

Our summer bucket list had make root beer floats on it so why not incorporate this into the fun too? When the kids added this item to the bucket list it was because they’d never tried a root beer float before and wanted to. It occurred to me that the taste of root beer might not appeal to everybody so I also decided to have a second option-orange creamsicle floats. I’d set up a float bar and each child could choose which they wanted. Seemed easy enough!! Of course, the book would be the centerpiece of the float bar since it was our inspiration. I set it on an upside down tray and put a few of my son’s Hot Wheels around it for a “Big Race”.

I spoke with my friend ahead of time to make sure she was fine with her kids being offered a mid-afternoon sugar rush and she was cool with it!! Great!! My shopping list would be small-a gallon of vanilla ice cream, a 2 liter of root beer, a 2 liter of orange soda and an orange. We had everything else I’d need thank goodness!!

The set up for the float bar took about 30 minutes. Above you’ll see another tray with a couple of glass mugs for the grown ups and plastic ones for the littles. We already had the zig zag paper straws, I’m sure I got them at Dollar Tree a while back.

I set up one of my cake stands with the ice cream, scooper, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. A few napkins for sticky ice cream hands and we move on!!

We would need toppings for our floats too. The set up for those was yet another cake stand with a plastic plate on top for some color. Luckily, we had sprinkles and cherries already in the pantry so I just added some cut up pieces of my newly purchased orange. The last ingredients added to the float bar were some long handled plastic spoons and our two sodas.

These two little signs are actually free printable masks I printed and cut out, without cutting out the holes for the eyes. They are simply taped to a piece of a cardboard box (a package was delivered that morning and I used what was on hand 😀). Here’s the link for the masks: https://jinxykids.com/free-printable-wreck-it-ralph-and-vanellope-halloween-masks/.

I wanted to do one last fun thing for the kids…and moms. If you’ve seen the movie you’ll be familiar with the fact that Ralph was trying to win a medal throughout the story. I wanted everyone at the get together to get their own medals too. (Don’t get me started on all the reasons why moms also deserve a medal 😉). These were made in 5 minutes!! We had a spool of ribbon laying around so I cut 5 lengths of it, tied a knot at the end and used regular Elmer’s glue to adhere these construction paper medals. The medals were made by tracing a vitamin bottle 😀.

Each medal says My Hero because that’s what Ralph’s medal had on it in the movie..homemade by Vanillope. The bulletin board was borrowed from my son’s room and thumbtacks were used to hook the medals on to it. The completed board literally just sat on my kitchen cabinet knobs without falling off..that was a lucky surprise and I admit I was prepared for a crash at some point!!

Here’s a pic of the final set up..it was very stress free to make happen!!

These were gobbled down pretty fast but I managed to get a picture of the final outcome- orange creamsicle floats above and one soon to be disappeared root beer float below!

Thank you for joining me in this unorthodox celebration of reading! There was brother/sister bonding, there was fun and most importantly to me-a desire to start the next book! Was this a traditional way to teach the joys of reading..probably not! But incorporating ice cream and friends on a special occasion is always welcomed in our home! I’m also delighted to inform you that Wreck-It Ralph 2 is coming to a theatre near you this November..this might just be the excuse you need to “wreck” a gallon of Vanillope..



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