Dear Husband, Thank You For Being The Silly One

If I was asked to name some of my strengths and weaknesses as a mom I could probably list a few things in each category. For the weakness category- something that immediately comes to mind is I’m not very good at being silly with my kids. Whatever the gene is that makes you amazing at sitting on the floor for hours pretending to drink tea from an empty plastic cup I did not inherit. Playing Pokémon with my son and responding as a Pokémon would takes real effort..sometimes Pikachu just wants a nap or so I’ve tried proposing to my less than impressed kid.

Are any of you parents like me? Is it hard for you to get silly? Does it feel like it’s real work for you to play Barbies or make stuffed animals talk to each other? Do the minutes feel like hours when you’re pretending you’re a princess in a magical forest or asked to play the part of a farm animal in an impromptu play in the living room? I didn’t even like video games when I was a kid!! This is not the area that I shine in..I’m keeping it real here. I’m good at board games, arts and crafts. Heck, I even recently drew my kid’s faces on their morning waffles with gel icing. This was followed by the straight faced question “Mom, did your mom ever let you eat your face too?”. How do you answer this question with a straight face when it’s asked so seriously???

As I type this I’m poolside watching my husband in the pool playing with my kids. He’s throwing them in the air, playing ball and racing from one end to other. The kids are squealing with delight and giggling with their daddy and I’m loving every minute. I hear him respond perfectly when asked how a Pokémon would swim underwater and which he would choose in a battle. He’s good at the silly stuff, he was gifted with the gene for silliness.

I am thankful for so many reasons I married the right guy. My lack of silliness is balanced by his abundance of it. He has reserves of it to tap into. He has a million corny jokes they eat up with a spoon. He will spout them off the top of his head rapid fire until the kids are doubled over laughing hysterically. I have to google jokes to include in their school lunches because I don’t know a single one suitable for kids.

He wrestles with them on the floor as only he can. He’s the one that practices karate on a blanket that he pretends is a karate mat. He has turned throwing a rugby ball back and forth across the pool into one of my son’s favorite ways to pass the time. It’s him who kicks around a soccer ball for hours. Him yet again who rides bikes with them and teaches them to box on a hanging bag in our garage.

We both read nightly bed time stories to both kids but he will add silly voices when he does it. I “accidentally” skip pages in Dr. Seuss books because come on, they are so freaking LONG!! He also finds songs on Spotify that will start the whole family dancing. Our family dance parties always begin with Daddy!

I want to take this opportunity to thank my husband. Thank you Hubby for being the silly one! Thank for all the comedic relief you bring to this family! Thank you for your limitless imagination and those corny jokes.

When I fell in love with you, your humor was part of the reason. I loved your wit and still do. The one thing I knew early on was that you’d be an incredible dad, which you are! You are such an astoundingly amazing dad!! The silliness however, was only discovered after having the kids. This discovery makes me love you more, who knew you’d be the master of making silly faces my gorgeous British fella?

First, it was just you and me. Then we were three. Then we were four and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Our two little minis and I love you so much today and every day!! Janet