Death of a beloved friend-When my coffeemaker went to heaven and Oh, how I grieved!!!

Are you a morning person? Do you jump out of bed each morning ready to conquer the day? If so, this article probably doesn’t apply to you..also, I’m not sure you can ever be a house guest in my home. For those of you like myself who drag yourselves out of bed with the morning personality of Frankenstein, I think you’re my target audience on this.

Let me set the scene…

It’s Monday early morning. This in itself paints the scene in less than technicolor. Your evil alarm goes off, you remove yourself from your warm bed with much willpower. The willpower that only comes with knowing that in the other room waiting for you is your (programmed the night before) already brewed pot of coffee. You arrive only to find your beloved friend has died quietly in it’s sleep without leaving you anything to remember it by. Oh, the grief..I never even got to say goodbye! And I really, really, really need a cup or 10 of go juice.

Needless to say, whatever was on my to do list was pushed down that list to make way for this emergency. We’d had this trusted friend for 6 yrs and I needed to find a new trusted friend..STAT!!! What I found out was that it was rather like trying to get back into the dating scene after years of being happily coupled. Times sure had changed!

Each new model I looked at came with features I didn’t need or understand. Or it didn’t have my must haves like an auto brew, self shut off or that it would make the kids breakfast so I didn’t have to each morning (OK, not an absolute must have but this feature would be great wouldn’t it)…or if it could julienne fries..I’ve always wanted an appliance that did that. Also, each came with reviews and most had more bad than good things said by consumers. It’s too loud, it leaks, the coffee tastes like plastic (I swear!!). So into the shop I went. I was thinking that like meeting my husband I’d just know it was the right one when we met. Again no..none were second date material.

Back to the internet I went for more research. Many consumer reports, reviews, websites later I found found my Unicorn! My Excalibur!! But nothing worth having ever comes easy..the closest one was in the Pennsylvania warehouse.!! I felt like the spoiled girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory..I WANT MY COFFEE NOW!! I had to wait 3 days, sort out a misdelivered shipment and endure several strong cups of British kettle made coffee that may or may not have spun my eyeballs in a complete circle. On the plus side, I think I developed a short lived accent or it could have been temporary insanity…

Finally, my beautiful morning mate arrived…my Pot of Gold at the end of the non rainbow-y experience. Like any new relationship we are getting to know each other. There are some quirks, communicating isn’t perfected yet. But, he is pretty, he wants to please me and he is wooing me well so far. Like an new relationship we’re figuring it all out..but we both really want it to become long term. I want to be in a committed relationship again..with my coffee maker. Out of one relationship and entering another with hope! I want this one to least another 6 years!

I hope each of you wake up this morning to find love waiting for you from your morning mate! Some days you make the coffee, some days the coffee makes you! Janet