The 8 Friends Every Mom Needs On Her Squad

Hey friends, welcome back! When I write these blogs I try to talk to each of you like we are, in fact, friends. I picture us talking over coffee from our travel mugs at the playground or sitting outside with wine on the lanai while kids jump in and out of the pool. Our friends are our sounding boards, our counselors and sometimes our comic relief on a stressful week. No matter how busy our mom life is we need these gals in our squad to keep each other sane and share this journey with.

I was at a party recently talking to a friend that I hadn’t seen for a couple of months, life had been getting in the way as it does sometimes. We were catching up and chatting like no time had passed since our last get together when she said something kinda fabulous. She said there are those friends that just make us feel so comfortable that they are home to us. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since we last came home but there’s that feeling of and relax…when we see them.

So today of I want to talk about those friends we moms need in our squad. Gals, I’m going to be real with this stage of my life I’m more of the quality over quantity philosophy of friendship. Maybe you’re also in this mental mindset. Whatever your personal philosophy we know there are those who are so special we couldn’t imagine life without them..I’m sharing a few of mine..some of my can’t do without’s! Ladies who are home to me. My own personal Ocean’s 8..had to slip that in, I’m dying to see the movie 😎.

Let’s see if your gal pal list looks like mine. Here goes, let me know if this sounds familiar to you:

The Friend That Makes You Laugh Uncontrollably

It’s true, laughter is the BEST medicine! We need that friend that makes us laugh until tears roll down our cheeks. I have a friend that has the best laugh in the whole world! You can’t help but laugh too because it’s infectious. When I’m with her I don’t take life so seriously. We tell silly stories, smile and giggle and hug. I literally feel lighter after hanging out! (She also kind of inspired this article-I said to her that I had to find a way to write about her laugh to which she LAUGHED, bless you girl!)

The Tell It Like It Is Friend

We all need that friend who won’t BS (pardon my French) us. When we want to know what someone really thinks we can count on this friend for their honesty. Not in a hurtful way, in an I respect you enough to be completely transparent with you way. I have a friend that can be completely counted on for this-I could ask her anything from what do think of this blouse on me to what am I doing wrong in my business and she would bluntly tell me her opinion. She is the person who will tell you if there is something in your teeth but she is also the person who will tell you when she notices you did something brave or that your outfit is on point tonight.

The I’m On YOUR Side Friend

We all need a gal who we can count on to be that support when the chips are down or we are lacking that confidence in a given situation. I have this amazing friend who I think would be one of the first to be affronted if she felt I was wronged, she would act as if she was also wronged too because she cares about me. She is my “nobody puts baby in a corner friend” and I love her for it! She believes in me, she reminds me what I am capable of and even has more faith in me than I have in myself on occasion. She was, in fact, one of the first people to tell me she believed I should write my own blog and her faith and belief in me gave me the extra courage to go for it…if you’re reading this..thank you my friend! I’ll always be grateful to you for this!! We need that person who encourages us to see what they see and hopefully we also reciprocate this encouragement back to them.

The Go To Friend

I’m still waiting for the handbook that should arrive when you become a parent that tells you what to do in new situations. Since it was lost in shipping, having friends we can count on to ask are invaluable. When I first moved to our city one of the very first friends I made was the sweetest, most generous woman I think I’ve ever met. She has been an a resource for everything from suggesting what books my kids would enjoy to giving me feedback on good doctors in the area when I was looking for a new one. If she doesn’t know, she has a network of people who will know and she will go out of her way to find out the answer for you. She is a go to not only for me but everyone who is blessed with her friendship.

The Let’s Have An Adventure Friend

This friend is the one that takes us out of our daily bubble. She makes sure we try have new experiences and try new things, even if we feel like just staying at home in our sweats. I have this amazing friend who never misses a chance to make a new memory. She takes me to new restaurants, concerts and festivals. She also makes sure to set up fun evenings where I get dressed up and venture outside the 10 mile perimeter I usually stay within. I have never not had a blast with her or been thankful for the her getting me out to for a new adventure!

The Coffee Date Friend

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a friend we just see for coffee. It could be a gym buddy, who you met up with every week to work out together or a friend you see often for regular play dates for your kids (and for you to have a grown up conversation while they play). In my case, I have a lovely friend I see regularly for morning coffee catch up sessions after we drop off our kids at school. We both appreciate the morning caffeine and kid free conversation without having to make arrangements for someone to watch our kids. No matter how busy of a week it may be, carving out an hour for coffee is doable for us both and let’s not forget the benefit of drinking the coffee HOT (how many of you reheated your coffee more than once today? Guilty here!).

The friend Who’s Your Twin Mom-kids the same age as yours

Earlier in the article I mentioned that handbook I wish I had sometimes. You wonder is this normal for this age? What else can I try to get my kid to sleep through the night? Are the expensive sandals worth it for a 4 year old? It’s great to trade tips/compare notes from each other on anything from potty training, picking the right preschool or when to start music lessons. They are there with you at the same time in parenting and you can support and learn from each other. I have a friend I met when we were both pregnant with our second child. Both of my kids are two months apart from hers. Not only is she one of the most patient, positive and best friends I’ve got but we have gone through so much of our motherhood together at exactly the same time. We were sleep deprived in tandem, we compared diaper brands and commiserated when nap time stopped together. I have walked so much of this path side by side with her and I am deeply grateful to have done so.

The Friend Who Knew You Before You Were A Mom

This friend remembers you, the you before kids. She remembers the well rested, life of the party girl you were- The lady who used to spend hours picking out her outfit and flat ironing her hair. You were the girl who was up for anything. My friend reminds me that girl is still in there and to let her out. She makes sure I remember that we are still fun and funny. All of us are still are still you! You are actually the new improved model of that girl because you have more life experience. You have experienced some of the greatest joys and biggest love a heart can hold and that makes you even more beautiful! This friend knows because she’s been there every step along the way..she may even know you better than you do sometimes!

Thanks for coming by today pals! There a couple of you who might be reading this and recognize yourself on the list, either because you’re my friend (and I’m talking about you and your fabulousness) or you ARE that friend to your own squad. There’s a quote I love about friendship “Find your tribe, love them hard”…loving you hard my tribe and I’m so thankful to have found you! Janet

Decided to S, E, L, my 2 J’s, and my 3 C’s..big ❤️ and #squadgoals