A Tutu Cute Dance Themed Celebration

Welcome back my friends! Today I’m sharing with you a little celebration you can do in no time to celebrate the little dancer in your life. I’m a firm believer that creating a special memory for your family doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take a lot of time. You just need cake..kinda kidding but cake was the centerpiece of this particular party. Come join me for a Tutu Cute Celebration!

Our daughter had a dance recital that she worked very hard for and she had invited her best friend and her family to come and watch her dance. Our awesome friends were kind enough to accept the invitation to come and support her. The idea immediately formed in my head that a party was in order afterwards…with two days to go until recital day I needed to plan quickly!

I always start my planning, as some of my readers know, by shopping my house. I found a banner we already had from a previous party, picture frames, some ballerina stuffed animals, toys and crowns and a jewelry box that had a ballerina on it. I found cake mix and frosting, a couple of bottles of prosecco and lemons/limes in the kitchen. A cake and prosecco party it would be!

Next I pulled out some cake plates, a white tablecloth and her previous trophy from her last recital. I made an area for the new trophy to go as well, it was literally a basket turned upside down!

Luckily, I already had cake mix and pink frosting and I know from experience that kids generally do NOT say no to cake! I baked the cake and frosted it pink the day before the recital. I then added these cute little ballerinas toppers I ordered from Amazon for $5 total. (Thank you Amazon Prime, I got them the next day!) I finished off the display by placing one of her tutus underneath it for decoration. Food for the kids done!

Next up was to fill those picture frames. I googled dance art and printed off some fun quotes to scatter around the cake and sideboard along with my other finds from around the house. The girls loved these fun quotes. One of them was a real favorite and it now lives permanently in my daughter’s room. This took all of 10 minutes!

I added a few crowns, a favorite Fancy Nancy ballet book and another tutu to the side board for decoration. I also had a soirée (fancy for party, darlings) poster I’d made out of wrapping paper and dollar store letters I’d spray painted left over from her birthday party I added. The room was ready to party in!

Now onto the prosecco station for the adults. We needed to properly be able to toast our dancer and our friendship 😉. I set it up in our kitchen with the same let’s use what we already have philosophy. Once again I googled prosecco art and printed off a couple of quotes to frame. Again this took minutes!

I grabbed a champagne bucket and a silver tray for the glasses. I put out a cutting board and bowl of lemons and limes to add to the drinks and done!

The kids had a blast and so did the adults! In less than an hour this was created but good friends made it a party!

If you have any questions or comments I always welcome them so fire away! I hope you enjoyed this theme, I love a good theme don’t you? That you to the D family for celebrating with us and supporting our dancer!

(A Special Shout Out to some sweet dancers and friends- Olivia, Presley and Mallory. These girls have worked very hard for months and we know they will each be shining on stage tonight!! All three of you are stars in our book, so proud of you!!

Until the next time or the next party my friends! Cheers! Janet