When Life Gives You Lemons Afternoon Snack Idea

If you’re a Florida resident like myself this week’s rain may have soured your first week of summer mood! We have had a ton of rain dumped on us for days!! Where’s that sunshine promised in the sunshine state?? My kids have been waiting for summer to basically stay in the pool or on the beach for hours so moral has been low. I decided today that when life gives you lemons…make lemonade and brownies!!

I made the decision it was Lemon Day after discovering we had a huge bag of lemons and before the third “I’m bored” from my youngest…we needed to get busy and there’s no easier way to involve my kids than when the final product will be dessert-y! I immediately went to my trusted friend Pinterest and low and behold I found this easy and tasty recipe for lemon brownies. Bonus points-I had all the ingredients on hand!! They took about 10 minutes to whip together, 25 minutes in the oven and after cooling for another ten minutes we added the glaze. We then put them in the refrigerator to cool a bit more and to allow the glaze to harden. Here’s the link for the recipe: https://www.gonnawantseconds.com/2015/07/lemon-brownies/.

But we still had more lemons left!! I had plenty of lemons leftover to make a big old batch of homemade lemonade. This is the easiest part-mix 7 cups of cold water, 2 cups of sugar, 4 lemons (squeeze the juice in then just throw the cut up pieces in) and some ice (eye ball it). We had so many lemons I still have some lemons left!!

Just as we finished making the lemonade low and behold the sun came out and the rain stayed away! I guess you put enough yellow into the world and the sun follows 😉. The kids went to out on their swimsuits and I grabbed this bench from the corner of our lanai and laid our treats out poolside to enjoy. This took 2 minutes-yellow disposable napkins and straws, some plastic glasses and plates, and the cute little sign, done! Peasy Lemon Squeezy!! (P.S. the little sign is from the dollar store, purchased last year for no reason, I just thought it was adorable).

May your day be filled with sunshine and something unexpectedly sweet! Cheers from FL my friends! Janet


  1. Reading this I picture your kids laying down to sleep at the end of the day EXTRA content. It really sounds like you turned a blah day into something fabulous 🙂 Pinterest is AWESOME in helping us pull THE BEST tricks out of our hats.


  2. Looks delicious! Thank you for the recipe. In Turkey making lemonade is actually the tradition – we’re drinking litres of them in summer 🙂


  3. Thank you for your comment..what an amazing compliment to read it! Pinterest is an obsession for me, I could spend hours looking through ideas and inspiration and it pairs nicely with a glass of wine in the evening 😉


  4. Thank you for your comment! I had never made lemon brownies before but I have to say we absolutely will again..they were so yummy!! Many more batches of lemonade to come as well..perfect to cool down in hot Florida summers! 😀

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