Be Our Guest-A few ideas for making overnight guests feel comfortable in your home

Welcome back! Summer is just starting here in Florida and it’s getting even hotter than usual. This will be our third summer living in the Sunshine State and even with the heat we won’t be lacking for visitors. We have always had a pretty busy revolving door of guests coming and going but since moving here that door has been constantly spinning!

Today I’m sharing with you some of my preparations to make sure guests feel comfortable while they’re in our home. Some stay a weekend and some (our parents) stay a few weeks at a time. I like to prepare in advance so I can focus on the fun stuff like outings and meal planning in the days leading up to the visit. We have guests arriving this weekend so the timing is perfect to share how I get prepared..I’m preparing right now!!

In the case of these guests, they want to stay in our top floor loft area as a family. It has a queen bed and a futon as well as a full bathroom. I’ll start with what I’m doing to set up the bed area for the parents.

I like to give a selection of bed pillows of different levels of firmness. We all have our preferred level and it’s impossible to know what each guest will like. I also spray all the linens after freshly washing them with this amazing linen spray from Bath and Body Works. My guests tell me they love the smell of it, I don’t know if it calms them because most are pretty calm to begin with being on vacation.

Moving on to the bedside tables. A light that can be dimmed for night time as well as working as a reading light is a must. A clock that lights up is also helpful. I also make sure there are items for storage of their small items. You will see decorative boxes on each nightstand shelf, another small one on top and a couple of ceramic dishes for car keys, earrings, reading glasses etc.

I also like to have area that guest can put suitcases without having to trip over them the entire visit. These two little storage boxes are very sturdy (they are filled with toys because they belong to my kids but who cares?).

Lastly I also added this cart to the bedroom. The kitchen and linen closet are on another floor and I hope this saves our friends a few trips up and down the stairs. I have literally used this cart for a thousand things! I found it at a garage sale years ago for $5 and it’s been spray painted several colors depending on need. I use it for parties, art supplies, and toys but in this case for a hospitality station. The top shelf has a basket of magazines, soft cover books and brochures for different beaches and excursions around my area. The middle shelf has a basket of bottled water and easy snacks. Because kids will be staying I included Scooby doo fruit snacks, granola bars, and small bags of chips. The bottom shelf holds a heavier weight blanket and a lightweight one.

To finish off their room I included mesh laundry hampers..better for wet swimsuits and towels. I also made sure that I placed the trash can in between the bathroom and bedroom, space is at a bit of a premium in this particular bathroom.

Now let’s move on to the bathroom. I don’t know about you but no matter how hard I try to plan I always forget a toiletry when I travel. I try to keep our bathroom stocked with these type of items in case our guests have the same problem. We have a dedicated drawer for teeth brushing and one for medicine. Under the sink I group items by use. There is a basket with a hair dryer and hair items. Another basket for body washes, lotions, shaving items and sunscreen. I also have one other basket for face cleaner, makeup removing wipes, spare soap, anti perspirant and hand lotion. I keep all the spare towels and wash cloths right in front where they easily find them.

One thing you never want them to run out of is toilet paper..I keep a big basket full of it in easy reach. 😉

Finally the top of the counter. I want it to be pretty and welcoming but allow enough room for their items. We have jars of cotton balls, Q tips and make up sponges for practicality. To add some decoration I added a jar of sand and seashells we’ve collected from various local beaches and a small art canvas that is pretty but also can be easily moved if it gets in the way.

There you have it..the Hotel Richardson is open for guests! It doesn’t take a lot of time to make your guests feel special with a few thoughtful touches. I’m really looking forward to making some memories with these friends from across the country and can’t wait for them to arrive!!

I hope you enjoyed the ideas! As always feel free to send questions or comments! I hope everyone has an amazing summer full of adventures! Janet