Stay at home moms that inspire series-Laura Barrett

Hi readers! As I’ve blogged about previously, I really want to spotlight stay at home moms who also have found away to pursue a part-time career they love. I want you to hear their insights straight from them. This is a forum I want to share with these women so I will be printing their thoughts and advice with no edits.

So continuing with the series I’m chatting today with Laura Barrett. Wife, mom, half marathon runner and gifted artist (I think so…wait until you see her work!). She has created a really original Etsy store and I am now coveting my very own special pair of Toms! (Hubby are you reading this?😀).

Tell me about your business/career:

“I have an Etsy shop where I paint Toms and custom glasses for weddings, mostly military themed uniforms. I add whatever medals and rank they are, paint the dress, exactly like the bride’s dress. I also work part time at Painting with a Twist.”

How many children do you have abs their ages?

“I have one child who is four years old.”

How long have you been a stay at home mom?

“Since before he was born.”

What made you get started and how long did you think about doing so before you did?

“I started to paint glasses for my own wedding in 2011 and made them look like my bridesmaid’s dresses. I showed some people and they suggested opening up an Etsy shop. I debated a little while but it didn’t cost anything so I started pretty quickly. I remember being so happy when I got my first order.”

Why are you passionate about it?

“I just love painting. I love art and being able to create something to make people happy.”

Do you have any tips/advice for a fellow mom getting started?

“Just go for it! Do you want makes you happy!”

What challenges have you faced?

“Getting orders done when I am tired. Getting to the post office to ship things out! Finding time in a busy day when I want to relax when my son goes to sleep but I am painting instead.”

What have you learned about yourself or your business along the way?

“To advertise. I stopped because of time but it really helped my business.”

What are some benefits of what you do?

“I do it on my own terms.”

What are your goals as you continue?

“I would love to build some inventory and sell at fairs, local bridal shops, etc.”

Why part time instead of full time, why was this right for your family?

“To be honest we have moved a lot so me finding and leaving a new job every time we moved wasn’t worth it to me.”

Favorite thing about being a stay at home mom:

“I love spending the days with him. I love being able to go for a bike rides or to the playground or even have him help me bake sometimes.”

Best memory of a successful moment doing what you do:

“Getting an awesome review or pictures of people using the glasses at their wedding. It makes me happy when they love it!”

A big thank you to Laura for talking to me about her business! Check out her Etsy shop at or on Facebook at

I welcome your comments on this or any other blog! I hope you’ll be as inspired as I have been by the stories and keep tuning in from more in the series! Janet