An Impromptu British Tea Party In Honor of The Royal Wedding

Who else is excited for the Royal Wedding? We are a British (husband) American (me) family and I could not let the moment pass without a fun little celebration! Because it will be airing in the US in the morning..I took my inspiration from that and decided on a tea party with some special sweets!! I decided just today (the night before) that we HAD to do something! So if you’re like me and pulling something together at the last minute..let me show you what I did in under an hour.

I started by googling fun British printables and I hit the jackpot with this fellow blogger’s free printables she shared with anyone who wanted to use them. Here’s the link: has everything from invites to popcorn cones. I printed off the banner, the invites, the water bottle wraps, an the posters. The little sign on the water bottle bucket is just an extra water bottle wrap.

Luckily since we are a British half family we had a few (ok maybe more than a few) Union Jack items already in house. I grabbed a flag, a pillow, a tea bag rest, and a double decker bus toy of the kid’s.

Here’s my viewing chair for the big day tomorrow!! Now let’s set up the tea!

Next to our comfy chair we have a tea station. The sights of London tea towel we picked up on our last trip back to the UK. I also used an extra banner piece to dress up one of the carafes. It’s not a tea without biscuits so I added a cookie tin and some other biscuits on plates. I also added some English tea we got for a gift and one of my grandmother’s tea cups I inherited.

Moving on to the neighboring table where I added a tiny little flag we had on the bottom shelf and then focused on the top. The bulletin board is from our office and all the printables were attached with simple scotch tape. The water bottle wraps are also attached with the tape. I raided my linen cabinet and found cloth napkins a plenty. So I added the red ones, the British cocktail napkins we’ve had for years and some patterned white and blue ones served as the backdrop. I also found 2 mugs my in-laws got us from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and basically all the kinds of tea we had on an old wooden tray with our spoon rest. More of grandma’s tea cups, some plates and cutlery and viola we’ve got a theme!!

Maybe you want something extra sweet and about a cake? Here’s an easy one I made for a birthday of my husband’s. Bake a standard boxed cake mix and frost then just use berries (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries) to make the Union Jack!

What’s left to do? Find your crown of course! Good thing that I live with a diva who has a million! Now I’m ready to party like a princess!

So that was an hour start to finish. This will be the first royal wedding my kids will see and with a teeny bit of effort I hope it will be memorable for them! I hope you all enjoy the festivities too! It was fun to share this celebration with you! As the Brits say “the tea is calling and I must go!” Until the next time! Janet