Mother’s Day gifts that don’t come in a box-priceless gifts I’d love from my kids (with help from Dad)

“We have to go out shopping for Mommy this weekend, Daddy.” This was meant as a 6 year old’s attempted whisper that came out as more of a yell this morning. It makes me grin whenever she tries to whisper and secret never works and I kind of love the cuteness of it. If any of you mamas are like has kinda been a whirlwind of doubling down on to do’s and household stuff so I can enjoy “relaxing” tomorrow. Funny how this works isn’t it?

I love being celebrated for being a mother..for being mom to the 2 amazing little people I gave birth to. I still remember my first Mother’s Day with fondness. I was 5 months pregnant with my first child and my husband celebrated the fact that I was already a mom (to be). It was about this time that I dreamed of what future Mother’s Days would be like. I wasn’t dreaming of the gifts I might get but of this boy someday calling me mama. I still don’t think about gifts. Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate gifts and my family has always thoughtfully picked out things I love. (If you’re reading this hubby-I’m not boycotting presents this year!) But I’d like to talk about gifts that don’t come in a box.

Handmade cards or pictures

When my kids take the time to write me cards it touches my heart. The piece of construction paper decorated with crayons or markers means so much more to me than any store bought card. Last year my youngest drew me a picture of the two of us holding hands. It was obvious she worked so hard on it and I will keep it forever!

Stroll down memory lane with me

Tell me a memory you love about me as a mom. A fun time we had, something I did that you appreciated, reasons you’re glad I’m your mom. I want to hear what’s special about me from your eyes.

Plan an outing for us to do together

One thing I’d love is for us is to make another memory that you and your dad plan. Where do you want to take me? Where do you want to spend time with mom today? Wherever that is, that is where I want to go. In a blink of an eye you’ll be teens and I might have to beg you to be seen in public with me. Gosh I hope not..please don’t be those teens.. but just in case let’s do it now!

Let me sleep in..just this once

Kids I’d love to wake up after the sun does. It would be very special..pretty please? You’ll find dad on the other side of the bed. He is fully capable of handling any need or early bird item on your agenda.

Take over today around the house

Work as team. I don’t want to do chores today. If something needs found, help each other find it. If something needs cleaned, please clean it. You guys decide what we are eating for every meal today. We can go out or stay in, your call. I just don’t want to plan it.

Speaking of eating..let me have custody of my own fork and napkin

This speaks for itself. We will all have cutlery and a napkin. Yours is yours. Mine is mine. If something drops on the floor or you need an extra one we will arrange to get you another. The replacement will not be found on my plate, in my hand or on my lap.

Hugs/cuddles for as long as I want..which is forever

You guys are growing up so quickly. We are always busy and running here and there. Today what I want most is a nice long cuddle. I want to freeze time. I want to cherish this moment just where we are. Because when I hold you I remember the first time I ever did. I remember holding you at every age. I will hold you always.

Because every Mother’s Day what I really want is what I have. You. My family that made me a mom. The best thing in my whole world. You, I want to be right here with you. After I’ve slept in and been cooked for of course!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my favorite mamas out there! And an extra special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and my mother-in-law. For a million reasons we love you both infinity x’s infinity! Xx Janet