Just a SAHM..think again!!! Intro to The Moms who inspire me series

As many of you know I was recently inspired to start blogging…thanks for being here by the way..it’s nice not to hear crickets! I think I’ve wanted to do so for awhile but put the thought in the back of my mind right next to my dream to sleep in on a weekend and the vacations I hope to take someday. Someday..someday..

It wasn’t until the opportunity arose and I decided to go for it that I realized how much I had been craving doing something outside of House CEO-ing. I love being the CEO of this family but can’t we do it and still follow our passions too? Do we have to choose one or the other?

In my humble opinion Moms are the best multitaskers on earth. Our creativity is used daily. The projects for school alone! I know more about Abraham Lincoln than anyone I know. Why? Because I put together a costume, helped with visual aids and research and was audience to a speech about Honest Abe practiced day and night for two weeks last year..and it stuck. I will never look at a full beard the same way again! Think of what we do with shoe boxes and poster board..glue guns and crazy hair days. We’ve got imagination, we’ve got vision and a whole lot of clever ideas and skills.

All this being said I really want to spotlight moms that went for it. I want to spotlight moms who stay at home but also found careers and businesses they were passionate about too. Each mom has found a way to follow that dream while still being mommy full time. My hope is that you will be as inspired as I have been by their stories. Maybe there is a mom out there who will decide she also wants to go for it or another mom who already did but wants to take it to the next level. Or you might be neither of these options and are tuning in to support this mama..this is where I insert a Hi to my Uncle who is one of my followers. Hi Uncle S, you’re awesome!

Just to be clear these spotlights will be coming straight from the source. A blog is a place to say what you want to say. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a fan of that! Therefore these will be their words..unaltered and unedited. I asked the questions and they gave their insight. I hope you’ll come by in the coming weeks as I introduce you to the moms that inspire me…and maybe you too!

I’ll still be blogging my thoughts as well, I’m not going anywhere just yet. It turns out when I sit down and write more than grocery lists are coming out of my brain. Who knew? I am also learning about frogs, Fancy Nancy’s latest adventures and attempting to take care of a sad looking (I’m so sorry this is SO the wrong place for you to live) bean plant..fire away if any questions about these topics..a week in the life of mom! Janet