Hangover baskets-I wish I would have made one for myself!!!

I’m going to level with you guys..I woke up this morning with hangover! Some delicious wine was consumed last night. I remember the wine and I see a couple of empty bottles on the kitchen counter as proof. I remember a lot of laughs too. But today my heads hurts too much to think about any of that.

I got the idea to make these Hangover Baskets for a gift exchange with 3 friends. My thought was if after a night of good times, they felt only able to lay on the couch and curse their angry bodies they would have everything they’d need. I hoped it would be original and funny and they loved them!

Maybe a friend had a blast celebrating yesterday’s Kentucky Derby..or just had a memorable Saturday night. I think it would also be a cute Bachelorette or birthday gift as well! Right now I’m wishing I’d made an emergency extra one just for me. So today I’m sharing them with you. Maybe you have an upcoming party these would be perfect for or you’d just rather be safe than sorry…unlike myself.

Now I’m going to talk you through what I included in the basket. I’ll also tell you what other items I wish I would added to it too.

Let’s get Hungover…..

The first item they received was this cozy sweatshirt. We drink a lot of Prosecco together..and it does make us do things. You can find these on Amazon and Etsy.

Next I added these little I regret nothing canvas bags. I put some Crest minibrushes in for breath freshening, some Excedrin for headache, Advil in case you fell last night and have an aching anything else, and a set a ear plugs to drown out any noise.

I found these socks and thought they’d be perfect. If you can read this hand over the remote.

I also added some Gatorade, an Offline sleeping mask and a book of hangover cures

This cute wine glass for the next time they feel like drinking..

Lastly some fun cocktail napkins and a framed quote about getting drunk.

Here is the completed baskets.

In hindsight I have thought of a few more items that would go with the theme

I wish I would have also added:

Chocolate..just because chocolate always understands

Breath mints


Band aids

Crackers to settle the stomach

A bottle of water


Eye drops

A mini bottle of alcohol for some hair of the dog. Maybe vodka and Bloody Mary mix

A dvd- The Hangover would be perfect

Coffee and a mug..I like this one I found on Amazon

I hope you enjoyed this idea! Cheers to you..go make and maybe forget some memories!! I’ll be on my couch if you need me. Looking forward to any comments!


The shadow of Janet’s former self..at least until tomorrow