An impromptu get together-Let’s Flamingle!!

Today I’m chatting with you about impromptu get togethers. Maybe it’s a Saturday afternoon and you decide to have a few friends over or it’s Friday and your husband calls to say a few work colleagues are stopping by for a drink. With not much time or notice you can pull together this fun, easy theme. This is an example of one I pulled together in 30 minutes when we decided to have friends over within hours.

I grabbed some decor from around the house. A quick trip to pick up some bubbles, the adult kind of course, and some apps. For me Costco is fantastic for food and drink for this kind of last minute get together! I also made one last stop at Dollar Tree. I’m obsessed with Dollar Tree for parties and events..actually in general but that’s another blog in itself!

For the record we are busy parents, which means we deserve a drink or two, so we keep a good stock of alcohol on hand in our bar. I also have an area set aside for trays, serving items and disposable plates, napkins, and cutlery. I think too that investing in some good quality neutral colored cloth tablecloths and napkins is always worth it.

So let me show you how I got the house decorated for company in just 30 minutes for our Flamingle with friends.

The theme came to me based upon what was available at Dollar Tree. They had a ton of cute flamingo items up front and I went for it. The total bill was $10 btw. Very affordable! I found a disposable flamingo patterned tablecloth, disposable plates, some drink stirrers, flamingo straws and a pair of sunglasses I just had to have! A package of neutral napkins I could reuse at a future party (didn’t want to go cray cray pink either) finished off the purchase.

I first thing I did to set up was the table. Down went the new tablecloth. I grabbed napkins, napkin holders and placemats from my stash. I say it’s perfectly ok to mix good cloth items with disposable stuff…it will look more finished and less kid’s Birthday party like! Next came some neutral lantern candle holders purchased for of a previous Pirate themed party but they worked. Threw one package of straws in a decorative bucket. Last I borrowed a stuffed flamingo from my kids. The frames I’ll get into in a sec…and we’re on our way.

I had this pink tray from yet another party but it said “Keep calm and go shopping on it”. No problem, it’s pink. Then I added another borrowed stuffed flamingo..I was surprised and not surprised we had 2. Animal kingdom up in here!

I’ve got 20 minutes left. Let’s set up the important area..a second bar! We have a wet bar but let’s face it everyone always ends up in the kitchen! A quick scavenge around the house again and I’ve got a small silk palm tree, an ice bucket, a silver tray, some glasses, and a couple of containers. I added the new stirrers, another package of straws and some peaches we already had for color. I left one out and sliced it to add to the bubbles.

Down to 10 minutes left. Put some ice in your bucket, add a bottle to chill and move on. I keep extra picture frames together and grabbed a few. Then I googled flamingo quotes..couldn’t believe how many there were! I chose a few I liked and printed them out on our printer. You don’t have to use photo paper, plain printer paper works too. Next I cut the printouts to size and put them in frames. They were scattered in our entertaining areas. I used plain old scotch tape on the tray to cover the shopping quote and propped it up. I also taped one of the printouts to the front door to welcome our guests. The last touch was to add my new sunnies on one of the frames and we are ready to party with 5 minutes to spare.

The final five minutes I spent putting out bowls of munchies-peanuts, chips, olives, crackers, cheese..whatever you have on hand. If it’s in a pretty bowl or on a tray I find it looks like you put in extra effort.

That’s 30 minutes start to finish once I arrived home from shopping. Friends don’t mind if you’re preparing dinner while they hang out but we never want them waiting for a drink or a snack. This set up also allows for self service which I love when having guests over. Don’t make them ask for a glass or where the 5 o’clock somewhere drinks are..make it obvious!

I hope you enjoyed the post! It’s Friday so get out there and Flamingle!!

People don’t usually remember what food you served but they do seem to remember the atmosphere and the memories made. Making friends feel special doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming! Call some friends and have a few laughs tonight!!