Teacher appreciation gift ideas for every budget

For the last 3 years I have been responsible for coordinating gifts from an entire class to their teacher. It is probably my most favorite responsibility of being a homeroom mom! In addition I also take care of individual gifts just from my children. Saying thank you to a wonderful teacher doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. I’m sharing ideas today from the very affordable to a bit grander.

Let’s start out with very affordable and super easy. Here’s a few ideas:

This gift was less than $3 each to put together and took minutes. I made a trip to my local Dollar Tree and was able to get these items to make several of these. You just get a pack of gift bags (these were 3 for $1), bag of gum balls and a cute beach ball cup.

This is a fun one for any sports coach or PE teacher. A couple of bottles of water, Gatorade, Gatorade chews, two energy bars, a couple reuse shopping bags shaped like fruit that fold up (also Dollar Tree), some lip balm and of course a winner medal

This is a an easy one for a music teacher in your life. Thank you for helping me make sweet music. I got the sheet music on Ebay for a steal, cookie mix, icing, some cupcake liners for fun, instrument shaped cookie cutters (also Ebay) and this also contains the same fruit shaped shipping bags as above

This is a painting themed basket for an art teacher. There is a ton of polish to paint fingers or toes, lipstick to paint those lips, a cute mug with a favorite quote of mine from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, some other beauty products-eye liner, makeup removers, makeup brush cleaner, mascara and of course an adult coloring book for the artist

This is a beach themed one that would work for any teacher and the cost was just $12. I found the beach towel and container of beach toys at Walmart for $8 and the sunscreen, inflatable ball, sunglasses and cup were $4 from Dollar Tree.

Want to go a bit grander? Here’s some ideas for that too:

This teacher’s favorite sweet was Reese’s so I call this the Reese’s overload basket. Reese’s cereal, spread, two kinds of syrup, Reese’s baking chips, Reese’s trail mix, 8 packs of Reese’s and a big old container of bite sized ones. This was all easy to purchase at the grocery!

This one is for a Harry Potter loving coffee drinker. All the Starbucks items(bagged coffee, cold brews), the cappuccino, cookies, disposable travel cups and biscotti are grocery bought items. I printed the Harry Potter coffee quote and framed it. I also added custom made coffee mugs from Etsy and the box it all came in the fine folks at Costco gave me for free. Also included a Starbucks gift card not pictured.

I call this apples for the teacher. It has a ton of apple scented beauty products, a apple shaped ice cube tray and custom water bottle. Also has an apple shirt, paperweight and a couple of gift cards. Water bottle and apple shirt from Etsy.

Last but not least a family night basket. This was again for the Harry Potter loving teacher but could easily be modified to exclude Mr. Potter. It has board games, puzzles, a ceramic popcorn bowl, popcorn, candy and a gift card for pizza to be delivered if they want a night in. It also includes a gift card to Regal if they want to go out to see a new movie.

I hope you enjoyed this ideas! Would love to hear your comments and please continue telling your friends to come and follow the blog! Janet